My Perfect Breakdown


2018 ended with high stress in the MPB household – Sick toddler, Christmas crazy, unpleasant family visits, etc. But, I kept telling myself we’d be okay because we were spending 10 days in Hawaii at the beginning of January. And honestly, what can go wrong in Hawaii? Just Little MPB, Mr. MPB and I. No computers. No work. No family drama. Just the three of us, enjoying the beach, the pool, the… Read More

I recently discovered that we have flight points that are about to expire which will cover a large portion of flights somewhere in North America and I can also use points to pay for a hotel. Upon such a discovery, some people, like me, think Yay!! We can do something fun!! Some people, like Mr. MPB think, Just let the points expire. What’s the point on having some fun? Fun is overrated…. Read More