Incident Reports

Yesterday upon pick-up from daycare, like normal Little MPB dropped what he was doing and charged straight for me (that will never get old).  But, what was new was that the teacher in Little MPBs room approached me with the manager of the facility was right behind her.  I knew it wasn’t going to be good news.

Honestly, I assumed he did something to another child, and I wasn’t very excited to find out what he did.

Well, it turns out he fell and cut him mouth.  And since there was blood there had to be an incident report.  He was fine.  As in, I cannot see a cut anywhere.  But, while inspecting I did notice that 16 tooth finally came through (YAY!!!!!).  So I actually think the blood may have been from the moment the tooth cut through?  But regardless, I wasn’t upset or worried in the least because I do believe toddlers are bound to get small bumps, bruises and cuts too.

But, of course the cut wasn’t the only incident.  I quickly found out that he had 2 incident reports.  Clearly he’s a true MPB, and has decided if he’s going to do something he’d better go big!

It turns out he was bitten by another child.  No marks were left, which wouldn’t normally require an incident report.  But, since this was a first they wanted to let us know.  And it turns out he was bitten because he stuck his finger in another child’s mouths.  If I’m honest I kind of hope he may have learned a valuable life lesson – if he sticks his hand in someone else’s mouth, he’ll probably get bitten!  I’m chalking this bite up to the fact that he’s just exploring the world around him.  And, I also realize these types of things are bound to happen.  And for now, at least he wasn’t the bitter, I figure we’ll cross that bridge another day.

And then, amongst all the incident reports, I learned that Little MPB has a daily pre-nap activity.  Little MPB walks around and gives all the girls hugs before nap time.  Seriously, how cute is that?!

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24 Comments on “Incident Reports

  1. So glad that everything is okay! I think it’s great they informed you of all of that. Yay for that tooth coming through!! And I totally love that he’s a hugger!


    • I am beyond thankful that tooth came through!! We’ve had 2 straight nights of 12 hours of sleep!! Our whole house is functioning better now!
      And yes, the hugs are the best! I’d give anything to be a fly on the wall before nap time at daycare! I bet it’s the cutest thing ever. 😔


  2. Thats great that they tell you things honestly. I’ve heard horror stories about facilities that cover stuff up because they don’t want to deal with the parents, but it helps that you’re so reasonable 🙂


  3. Bites will happen. And chances are at some point he’ll be bitten again and he will bite someone. Not all kids do but it happens. Kiera got bit at daycare like 4 months ago and she still talks about how Gracie bit her (and Kiera bit her back but doesn’t talk about that part?!).
    Hugs before sleep…heart explosion! So cute 💙

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    • Bites totally happen, and I’m sure at some point this will be a more common occurrence. We have a friend who sings a song with their kid every single day about not biting, hitting, pulling hair, etc. every single morning because she’s just in that phase right now.


  4. Ah, the moment when caregivers walk towards you with grim faces! Even the thought makes my stomach plummet! Glad to hear things were pretty minor (comparatively), phwew. We had a month period where Darwin and her buddy went back and forth biting each other almost daily, in spite of our best efforts to manage. Then they both started talking better, and perhaps a little of our support with being kind (?) got through, and they both stopped. Toddlers are such interesting little creatures!

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  5. I love that they have reported all of that to you. It just shows how good they are, serious and caring.
    Apart from hurting his lip, i loved reading about hugs and his little finger. God bless him, what a ray of sunshine:)

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  6. As a caregiver the honest truth , we don’t like writing them up and we don’t like to tell the parent about it but it has to be done. We can see the worry in parents face and that’s not what we want parents to walk in to for pick up. If there is more than enough coverage in the room and the children are stuck to a routine the classroom as a whole should not have many reports. Children are always learning and this is were they begin to socialize. I am glad you are very understanding.


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