Child Development

In my short time as a parent, I’ve noticed that kids change and develop new skills almost daily.

There have been some skills that have completely fascinated me, such as speech development.  And others that amaze me, like how a 7 week old baby can learn to roll over or how they can literally grow an inch or two over night.  These amazing development milestones are things that remind me how thankful I am to be Little MPB’s mom, because without having a kid I would have never have had the opportunity to see all of this first hand.

But I have to admit, Little MPB’s newest “skill” is driving me absolutely batty.  He developed it last week while home sick, and we assumed it was just part of being sick.  But he’s been healthy now for a few days, and this new “skill” seems to have stayed.

You see, he is now whining about everything.  And I do mean everything.

  • If he doesn’t get his way, he whines.
  • If he changes his mind about something, he whines.
  • If he wants a hug or a kiss, he whines instead of coming to get one or even just asking.

I have to wonder, how long is this whining phase going to last?  And is there anything we can do to speed him along through it?

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10 Comments on “Child Development

  1. My mother always says to the grandkids “Mama cannot understand you when you whine like that, use your words/proper voice and tell me”… seems to work 🤷 we have yet to hit this stage so I can’t tell you if it works!!

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  2. Whining gets our kids nothing, but they still do it, particularly when they’re tired or hungry. When I’m doing a good job I’ll walk them through how to ask for what they need “in your calm voice”. When I’m not doing such a good job I have been known to yell or walk away. I think I do more of the first than the latter two though. Mostly. I hear you.


  3. oh yeah.. absolutely yes.. i hate it when they whine..
    i usually get down to their level, hug them and just keep hugging.. at one point, they get fed up and tell me what they actually want.. if I yell at them (learnt it the hard way), it just gets nothing solved and i lose more time because they just whine and cry louder 🙂


  4. We are in the whining stage too and it’s been going for a few months now. I do my best to remind him that I can’t understand him when he whines and that he needs to use his big boy words to say what he wants. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn’t. But, like you, I’m going to keep running with it and hope to hell that one day it clicks!


  5. C has been whining ever since my sister was here visiting with her kids in March…my nephew doesn’t talk normally, he whines about EVERYTHING. Drove me insane…and C started doing it immediately. I tell her “No whining, use your words” (because she can communicate fairly well, considering she’s still little). It doesn’t always seem to help, sometimes it makes her mad. But I refuse to acknowledge what she’s saying if she’s whining. I’m hoping some time soon she’ll figure it out and stop the madness. It’s like fingernails on a chalkboard to me!


  6. Well I hate to share bad news. We’ve been in the whining stage for almost a year now. I’ve heard around age 4 it gets better. We don’t give in. We ask her to use her words but whines or tantrums are her go to a lot. I keep crossing my fingers it gets better someday.


  7. Ugh. Sometimes Luke does this too. Like others I have said “I can’t understand you when you’re whining.” I think it’s a phase for sure but annoying nonetheless. I hope it ends for you soon.


  8. first whine, instant removal from location. NEVER understand a whine.
    Patience fairy needs to sit on your shoulder and pat your head. Good luck.


  9. Hahahahaha oh the whining. It can go on for years!!! Lol Holly has just started too which is super annoying. My go to is saying “use a different voice” obviously with more explanation for the 2 year old. Enjoy! Haha

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