We Survived The Crazy, Barely

I feel like I can breath again.

You see, the crazy that was last week, turned out worse then planned.  Both Mr. MPB and I worked a tonne, almost every evening after Little MPB went to bed, we were both back at our computers.  And of course, I was also on the road with work a lot, which makes everything harder.  And the deck construction started as planned, and I loved demo day.  But, of course, deck construction means we no longer have an enclosed backyard so every single dog bathroom break requires a leashed walk.  And as far as I’m concerned, home reno’s, even when contained to the backyard, still makes everything feel unsettled.

On Tuesday daycare sent out a notice to all parents warning of a stomach bug that was impacting a lot of kids, so much so that the local health authority had been notified and they mandate a 48 hour absence for any child with symptoms – vomiting, diarrhea or fever.  Daycare of course when into cleaning overtime to help prevent the spread, but experience has taught us that bugs spread easily and quickly among toddlers.

So, at the last minute, we decided to delay the dog’s spay a few weeks.  Her baby canines actually fell out on their own so we were no longer in a rush to get them removed.  And so we decided to remove one thing from the list, as we anticipated having a sick toddler to care for it just made sense.

But, by Friday, as the crazy was starting to wind down, we started to think Little MPB was going to miss this one.  But, who were we kidding, of course he/we wouldn’t get that lucky.  As then as we were packing up to go camping on Friday morning, we got the dreaded daycare call informing us that Little MPB had a fever.  So our long weekend camping trip was abruptly cancelled and instead we planned a weekend of cartoons and snuggling.  But, even the cartoon back-up plan didn’t go as planned.  Thankfully, Little MPB was lucky enough to miss the worst of the illness and by Saturday morning he was his normal self.  But, Mr. MPB, he was no so lucky.  He was down and out all weekend long.  And currently, I am waiting for my turn…

But, in good news, assuming I don’t get sick, this upcoming week appears to be normal.  I anticipate a week of controlled chaos, as opposed to last week’s insane chaos.  And even better yet, today is a holiday, so the week is only 4 days long.

So, here’s to hoping.

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