Is It Friday Yet?

Ya, right, it’s just Monday and I’m already desperate for the next weekend.  And it’s going to be an insane week.

First up, work is going to kick my butt this week.  I’m away Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday.  With a possibility of Wednesday as well. This is clearly payback for the fact that I have not been on the road with work for 3 solid weeks.  My work travel will undoubtedly make this week more challenging for the entire MPB family, but thankfully Mr. MPB is expecting to have a normal week so he can pick up my slack.

Tuesday, deck construction starts.  We initially planned to do our entire backyard landscaping this year, but decided to only do the deck.  Reason being, Devil Dog (aka Doodle MPB) – she’s a bit of digger and I have no desire to pay someone to make our backyard beautiful just for her to dig it.  So, this summer, we will only be doing the deck replacement.  I’m so excited to have a new, safe deck.  But, I am absolutely dreading the construction of the deck.  For about the next 10-14 days Little MPB will not be able to play in the backyard due to construction materials (i.e. nails on the ground).   And, we will not be able to just let Doodle MPB out for unsupervised pee breaks and play times.

Photo Source – Modified Microsoft Clip-Art

Doodle MPB is going to be spayed on Wednesday.  Multiple people have told me puppies tend to slow down a bit after being spayed – I have no idea if that actually happen.  I’m hoping it’s true.  Or, is this a true old wives tale? I guess I’ll find out soon.  She’s also having her lower baby canines removed.  And, here’s to hoping we can get her adult ones to grow into the right spot, because I cannot stomach the idea of a 5-10K dog dental bill.

Looking ahead at this week, I just know this is going to be one of those weeks where I feel like I’m failing at everything as I just try to hold all these balls in the air.  Life of a working mom is hard sometimes.  And this week is going to be a shining example of just how hard it can be.  So, here’s to hoping we all survive without too much arguing.

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5 Comments on “Is It Friday Yet?

  1. Last week of school here, they’re out of the house for the last time until they will be here for two months! It’s bitter sweet. I’m both looking forward to it and dreading it a little tiny bit…

    You will survive. You took the first step: you blogged about it. Now you can blog about every success you’ve overcome this week and look back at the day, and then week, and on Friday you’ll feel like you’ve accomplished something by surviving.

    I think I’ll take my own advice…

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  2. Yikes friend! That’s a lot all at once! I hope the deck construction goes well, and is wrapped up faster than they predict. (Ours was, so hoping it happens for you as well!) As for doodle…I hate to break it to you, but really a spay means you’re supposed to keep them quiet. Most dogs I know that are crazy, don’t slow down because of the surgery. Hopefully I’m wrong with her on this one! But expect a lot of crate refinement until that belly heals! Hope your travels are safe and not too stressful. Good luck this week!!


  3. That’s sounds like a tough week. Hang in there! You are doing great things for your family!!! My parents’ dog, a shitzu, calmed down significantly after being spayed, my parents waited way too long, like years before they got it done. He was actually a pleasure to be around afterwards! It’s hard seeing them go through that though 😔 wishing you a speedy successful week!


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