Love, Fear & Hope

Here’s another thing about adoption – siblings may exist that we haven’t actually met. Heck, siblings may exist that we don’t even know about.

But when we do know about a sibling, even if we haven’t met them, we love them.  At least that’s how it works in the MPB family. In fact, this mamma bear’s love doesn’t stop at just the child who lives in our home day in and day out. We love our son, and we find that we love our son’s biological family and consider them an extension of our family.

It’s a weird to explain considering we’ve never met his sibling, but it is a deep and it is real.


So, what are we to do when we know a sibling is struggling in a hospital? A struggle we cannot help with. A struggle that bring tears to my eyes as I write these words. A struggle that is every parent’s worst nightmare. A struggle that has many unknowns, but the C word has been tossed out as a very real possibility.

My heart breaks.

Tears flow.

Worry grows.

When we chose open adoption, I had no idea just how hard these things would be. Back then, we focused on the fears of the unknowns of adoption and never really thought about the possibility of loving an extended family in the way we do.

And yet, it’s not my role or even my place to force myself into this situation. And honestly, even if I could, I wouldn’t be able to make a difference.

But what I do know is that I love a child that I don’t even know, and right now all we can do is hope for a magical recovery. And the problem with only being able to hope is that hoping doesn’t feel like we are doing a damn thing.

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15 Comments on “Love, Fear & Hope

  1. Oh how awful. It is horrible that any child should be faced with such a horrible thing. So innocent. I hope that Little MPB’s sibling recovers quickly from this. Thinking about the family, including you. ❤

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  2. i’m so sorry to hear that a baby and it’s family and you guys are hurting. Thinking of you all. I don’t know if i am just super tired and I don’t really want it spelled out, as it’s a sensitive subject, but I have no clue what the “C word” is.

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  3. Oh no! That is just so sad and heartbreaking. I am so sorry there is something like this happening for you all 😦 x


  4. Wow, that is so terribly sad to hear…I have a sibling I have never met but know about so I can understand that strange over powering feeling you have. Much love to you all and little MPBs sibling, the C word is bloody scary and so unfair.


  5. I am so sorry. That is literally the scariest thing to hear and I sincerely hope everything turns out ok. The C word is no joke no matter how old you are or how you’re related. Sending love.


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