A Letter To Myself: I Will Fight. I Will Survive

You never thought life would turn out this way.

First your mom and sister died, then your lost babies and now the agonizing process to create the family of your dreams.

I know, god do I know, that you are trying so hard to make dreams come true. You tried to follow the typical script, and once that didn’t work you’ve been branching out and navigating a new path.

Something you tend to forget about living right now. Sometimes you forget that no-matter how hard you try, at the end of the day you cannot control everything. Sometimes you forget that you are only responsible for the outcome of your decisions, not the situation that you face. Sometimes you forget to be fair to yourself and to put yourself on the priority list.

But, I also know that you are a fighter. You fight harder than almost anyone else. You fight for what is right. You fight for what is best. You are a fighter, through and through.

Sometimes your fight in determination gets in the way.  Sometimes you forget to let others in who want to help you.  Sometimes you forget to ask for help.  Sometimes you need a reminder to be more accepting of people as they are, as no-one is perfect.  Remember, to ask for help and turn to people you love when you are in need.  This is not a sign of weakness, this is simply the result of being human, and it’s a good thing to realize your weaknesses and try to improve.

But I also know, your fight is a good thing, it’s gotten you where you are today. With your desire to make the most of life, and your determination to be the best you can be, you will do just that. This life is yours to make the most of, and so long as you keep trying I know you will make your life a beautiful one.

There will be hard days. There will be days where you question what you are fighting for and why you are even bothering. There will be days where you cannot find meaningful hope to keep you going. There will be days where the loneliness and self-pity creeps into your soul and makes you want to quit. But, if life thus far has taught you anything, it is that you are never alone and there is no challenge so great that you cannot overcome it.

So on those days, those really bad and downright horrible days, remember you have and will survive them. Remember you have persevered through some very hard times before and how you get through them is a testament to you and your fighting spirit.

Remember, on these bad days, you are never alone. There is always a reason to hope, and its okay to let people show you the path back to hope and love. You are surrounded by a world of love, with friends from every corner of the world who love and cherish you.

It’s in these hard moments, how you get through them is where you can inspire others to be there best.  It’s in these moments that your children will learn to be wonderful people.

If you keep going, you will make it. Let me repeat, you will make it. You’ve got this! The bumps in the road, the less the ideal situations, the unpleasant surprises, you can survive all of it. Heck, you will do more than just survive, you will lead a great life full of happiness and surrounded by love.


I promise to re-read this to myself whenever I need to be reminded of what I have survived and what I can overcome. There is nothing standing in my way so great that I cannot at least try to chart new territory and find a new path.  I promise that in my hard times I will try to remember the love that surrounded us from all corners of the world.

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25 Comments on “A Letter To Myself: I Will Fight. I Will Survive

  1. that was inspirational!! you are so strong and tough! keep it up and yes you are right go to people who love and car for you when you are in need!


  2. You are right and just feel your palm whenever you need to.. One of us is always holding your hand.


  3. Love it!! This morning on the radio they were talking about writing a letter to yourself and seal it to read in 10 years. I was thinking about what I would write to myself, and how different my life will be at that point. This is a great one though…I’ll have to refer back to it for myself lol!


    • You should totally write a letter to yourself (and then you should share it with all of us so that we can be inspired by you too)! It’s a weird letter to write, but honestly it’s kind of fun once you get used to the idea of writing to yourself. 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

      • Yeah I might. It won’t be for a bit though, once we get settled in the house and life calms down just a little bit!

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  4. I love this and I needed to read it. I may read it again later when I need to remember too. Hugs! ❤


  5. I found your blog from another woman I follow…and I sat here for about an hour reading it. You my dear are one helluva amazing woman. You are a fighter and you are going to come out on top. Our struggles tend to help shape us in to who we are. It’s a way of finding small blessings in not so great situations. I truly look forward to seeing more of your posts!


    • Thank you so much for stopping by and reading and for your kind words! I believe you are right, the struggles we face tend to shape us into the people we are, and I hope i continue to grow as a person through all of this. Thank you.


  6. “Sometimes you forget to let others in who want to help you. Sometimes you forget to ask for help.”

    This is SO true for me. I’ve gotten better, but I’m still the champ of keeping myself on the bottom rung.


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