We Are Never Alone

On our darkest days, many of us feel alone.

We feel as though no-one else understands.

As though no-one has ever been through our unique hurt and pain before.

As though we have to dig the trench and summit the mountain ourselves.


We forget to stop and smell the roses and soak up the sunshine.

We refuse to ask for help.

We sit with our tears, feeling so alone and empty.


Sometimes when we try, we are faced with more disappointment.

The hurt grows and resentment takes over.

We stop giving people a chance and we push others even further out.

We isolate ourselves. We hide.


But today, I am here to say don’t give up!

Whatever battle you are facing, someone out there understands.

Someone out there can empathize and offer you words of encouragement.

Dig deep and fight the urge to hide from the world.

Don’t stop reaching out.

Don’t stop seeking out love.

Find moments of happiness and hope wherever you can.

Search for your light, it’s there somewhere.


You are not alone unless you want to be.

 Reach out and eventually someone will answer the call.

If you are ever need of immediate help, there are numerous crises help lines with trained professionals available to talk with you 24/7.  In Canada, check out this link for resources in your area.

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17 Comments on “We Are Never Alone

    • I am so incredibly thankful for this community as well! I don’t know how I made it to 4 miscarriages before I thought to start writing about it and reaching out to others.


    • I too love having this community – this group of women (and some men too) are just phenomenal. Everyone gets it, and everyone is always there to offer a kind word of support and love. This is something everyone should have in their lives. 🙂

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  1. It is so true. Often when we feel isolated it is because we are isolating ourselves. It can certainly feel like a lonely road sometimes — I’m lucky to have you and all of the other wonderful ladies on here!


    • I can be really good at isolating myself (particularly in my real-life where virtually no-one understands RPL), so sometimes its good to be reminded of the fact that we are not alone.
      And like you, I am so grateful for you and the other wonderful ladies in the blogging world. 🙂


  2. Beautiful post. I love the idea of not giving up, but having a new idea of what your path may be. Sometimes it’s not bad to “sit in the shit” though, as my counsellor has said, but you have to get up eventually. You can only sit in it for so long before it becomes unhealthy. Thanks for sharing!


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