Sunday Fun Day: Christmas Spirit & Bathroom Reno

I’m still undecided about setting up the Christmas tree and decorations this year.

But, I realized that we have one set of Christmas lights outside that is permanently in a shrub because the shrub has grown around them so we just leave them tucked into the shrub all year round.  So, I dug out the automatic timer and have set it to go on every evening at dusk for a few hours.

20151206 - SundayFunDay_2Usually we put up a more Christmas lights around the yard, but not this year.  This year, turning on this one set of Christmas light was so easy that it didn’t cause any additional stress in our lives.  And no additional stress right now makes me happy!

So, lights in one outside shrub will be enough.

And, at least this way, every time I walk into our house in the evening I will be reminded of Christmas.  And I’m willing to bet, the bright and colourful lights it will make me smile.


My second happy moment of the week is our bathroom reno.  The pictures aren’t beautiful, the moments have not all been wonderful, but the fact that I have a floor and walls makes me deliriously happy!!  Soon enough I hope we will be done with the wall repairs so that we have paint, tile and running water!

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19 Comments on “Sunday Fun Day: Christmas Spirit & Bathroom Reno

  1. Aww so glad the bathroom is coming along! I think not really decorating for Christmas is a great idea especially since it reduces stress. I really wish I had already decorated and figure now I won’t really get to. But there are way important things in life than decorating.

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  2. We got someone to do our master bath a few years ago. My husband and i cannot drill a nail without a to ER 🙂
    I am so envious right now, it
    Cost us a lot of money and oh my the mess!! I think you both are rockstars to do this alone.


      • I guess the grass is always greener on the other side. My husband once drilled a nail almost into his finger and that was just for hanging the curtains. nO way am I letting him near any of the heavy duty tools 🙂 hiring someone costs us so much 😦 we literally ruminate the cost over the whole year 🙂


      • My husband always worries when I’m near heavy duty tools, by I’m yet to hurt myself too badly. ☺
        We figure by doing the reno ourselves we are saving about 40% of the total cost. Which is essentially a must since we need the cash for over things. ☺


  3. Hooray for progress on that bathroom! And at least you have some lights to cheer you up when you come home every day. A little bit of happiness in your day is better than a load of stress! Do you already have plans for what you want to do with the bathroom once it’s ready for paint and tile?

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    • We have the floor tiles and the vanity base purchased. Toilet is staying the same as before (it will actually be the only thing going back into the bathroom from pre-reno). Still need to pick and buy shower tiles and a counter top. Walls are going to stay grey to match the rest of of our house. Hopefully some of the next pictures will include some actual details. ☺

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  4. Everything is looking great! I think the lights are great! We have very little out this year as well and no tree as of yet. Well the Charlie Brown Tree is up! Hahaha

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