The MPB’s Are Sick

Yes, we are both down and out.  Evidently the stress of the last few weeks has caught up with us.

I seem to have some sort of chest cold.  So my days (and nights) are spent coughing.

Mr. MPB seems to have of head cold.   So, he’s a giant ball of boogers.

The two of us, we are nothing but delightful right now.


But here’s the difference.  I’m sitting at my desk working bright and early this morning.  Mr. MPB is fast asleep snoring like some sort of wild hippopotamus.

20151207 - Sick

You see, Mr. MPB has a man cold.  Which somehow means his illness is akin to death and continual whining is mandatory.  He can no-longer function like a normal human being.  He seems to have regressed to the state of a 3 year old who cannot get his own tea, his own vitamins, his own lunch or even run upstairs to get his own socks.  Evidently, having a man cold removes all responsibility from his shoulders.

20150301 - 100HappyDays_Day236

And the worst part is that a girl cannot have a man cold.  Apparently no matter how sick I am, I cannot possibly be as sick as he is because he I cannot catch a man cold. So, even though I’m sick too, I am currently working and running around taking care of him.


I can tolerate man colds when I am healthy, but when I’m sick too…  Well, that’s like watching the perfect storm brewing in the distance.

I love him, but right now my patience is wearing.

Please let us get healthy before a crack of lightning strikes our house!

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40 Comments on “The MPB’s Are Sick

  1. The ‘man cold’ is a real thing! My straight friends say their husbands all get them, too. it sounds so severe. I mean, those poor men! Sniffles! Sore throats! Achy-ness and general malaise! Can you even imagine how awful it must be for them? Goodness gracious, no wonder they’re rendered immobile when they get it. It’s just DREADFUL! 😉

    Seriously though – I really hope you and Mr. MPB get better soon! Make sure you relax, too!

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  2. I’m dying laughing!!! This is so true!! “Man colds” are SO much worse than “woman colds.” I’m so very glad that we are strong women equipped to deal with the severity of our illnesses because men couldn’t deal 😉 hope you both feel better soon!

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  3. “Man cold” — I love it!!! My husband seems to get about two or three a year (he also got mono the year we got engaged — I wanted to know who he’d been kissing!!!). Luckily I have the Immune System of Steel and never manage to catch whatever he’s got, so we don’t have to deal with the tension you two are experiencing. I’m sorry things are so rough right now! I hope you feel much better very soon, and that this means you’re getting all the sickness out of the way *before* baby MPB joins your household!

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  4. Oh dear. men are such babies!! Same story at my place, I am frigging carrying a hugenbelly, can barely see my toes, my hips are killing me cannot walk, and Mr Baby is crying over a stubbed toe and has his feet over the sofa resting. Aaarrggh!!!

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  5. HAHAHAHAHA! I laugh at how Mr is acting, not the situation as a whole. We were just talking at work about how men are such babies when they’re sick. Hope you both feel better soon!

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  6. Oh the Man Cold, I know it well! The best is when you get the cold first and then they get it from you but they INSIST that they don’t have what you had, what they have is much worse. Hope you’re both feeling better soon!

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    • Haha! You are so right! At least this time he had his first, and our symptoms are completely different. My worry is actually that we are somehow going to manage to exchange germs and next week he’ll have my chest cold and I’ll have his head cold. I so hope that doesn’t happen!

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  7. Eughhh the dreaded man flu….nothing can be worse than this. You have done well to last this long without a pillow smothering murder :-p Just kidding….I hope you recover quick and take care of yourself my dear! Lot’s of chilling and relaxing, doctor’s orders X

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  8. Oh man! Mr. and Mrs. OGD are down and out with colds and coughs too. Luckily though, Mr. OGD doesn’t seem to get these man colds you speak of. I’m way more of a baby when I’m sick than he is, lol. I sure hope you are both feeling better very soon!!!

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