My Perfect Breakdown


I was getting better from my chest cold.  Mr. MPB was getting better from his head cold / man cold. However, this morning I woke up unable to swallow without pain.  I then realized my nose is super plugged.  And then, it became obvious to me that I now have my very own head cold.  Presumably it’s the same as Mr. MPB’s man cold. And let me tell you, it’s miserable!! My… Read More

Yes, we are both down and out.  Evidently the stress of the last few weeks has caught up with us. I seem to have some sort of chest cold.  So my days (and nights) are spent coughing. Mr. MPB seems to have of head cold.   So, he’s a giant ball of boogers. The two of us, we are nothing but delightful right now. . But here’s the difference.  I’m sitting at my… Read More