The Morning Rush

Some mornings are just crazy!!  And today, was one of those mornings.

First, our morning started earlier then normal.  Mr. MPB had to be out of the house early for a meeting, but as he was driving right past daycare we thought it only made sense for him to drop Little MPB off a tad bit early.  So, we all got up about an hour earlier then normal.  Then the crazy began:

  • Little MPB needed a bath, since we were too lazy to give him one last night.  And when I say needed, I really mean to ask how in the world can little boys get so dirty and smelly?!
  • Little MPB needed to get changed for the day.  And right after his bath, new diaper and clothing were on, we had to strip him and do another diaper change because…well…just use your imagination.
  • Little MPB needed breakfast, because that kid always eats!! 
  • Little MPB had to have his new favourite book read to him 3 times, because less then 3 times is simply unacceptable.
  • Little MPB needed to take his ball for a walk around the house, because evidently that’s just what you do in the morning.
  • Mr. MPB needed his coffee and his breakfast.  (Side note, I overcooked his eggs and made his coffee way to hot so he burnt his mouth).
  • I needed  my morning shower because I just cannot function without my morning shower.
  • I needed to clean up all the breakfast dishes because I did not want to look at a messy kitchen all day long.
  • The dog needed her breakfast, her bathroom break and most importantly the opportunity to eat all of Little MPB’s fallen breakfast (i.e. treats).

Okay, so now that I’m reading that list, it really was just a typical morning with a quick bath and an early start.  So, why do I feel like I just ran a marathon trying to get everyone out the door?

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