My Perfect Breakdown


Normally in May, I’d say spring has sprung. But this year, we are still working on spring. That said, I think we are now more then a full week since our last snowfall, and we actually had some rain the other day, so spring is definitely trying to spring. And so, it’s time to think about all things springy. Starting with our backyard. Our backyard has always been on our to-do list,… Read More

In my relatively short time as a parent, one of the parenting things I’ve learned is that parents will worry about almost everything. First, SIDS.  Oh my gosh, I hated everything about the possibility of SIDS.  And, as much as I worried, Mr. MPB was even worse.  On day 2 of Little MPB’s life, we went and bought the Snuza Hero.  And after I put it through the washing machine, we went… Read More