The Sickness Continues

After an entire month of missing the gym, nearly 2 weeks of not being able to work, weeks of using every over the counter cough suppressant and desperate attempts at herbal remedies, a round of antibiotics and a month of sleeping on the couch in the basement, I am finally feeling better.  I’m still coughing, and it’s worse at night which is still impacting my ability to sleep.  But, on the whole I am feeling better.  I’m feeling more like a human being again.  I feel like I can function again.  I’m no longer hiding at home.  I’m back to attending meetings and work functions outside of my house.  Baby MPB and I are back to swimming.  Heck, I’m even willing to shake people’s hands again!

But, now Baby MPB is getting sick.

So, ya, that’s going to be miserable as I’ve decided there is nothing worse then a sick little child.  In fact, I’d much rather I still be sick so that he doesn’t have to suffer.  Baby MPB’s illness just started to show up today, so I’m not really sure what we are in for yet.  So far we have witnessed baby diarrhea, baby sniffles and a slight baby fever.  Which doesn’t really tell me much about what he’s getting.  But, it does tell me that something not so fun is on the horizon.

Possibly a cold.

Maybe the flu.

Or, he’s about to welcome tooth 9 and tooth 10, which means the start of a week (or so) of major teething horribleness.  I know they say kids don’t get sick when they are teething, but we’ve noticed for the last 4 teeth, Baby MPB has experienced diarrhea, sniggles and a slight fever.

I wont lie, part of me is hoping its just teething because then it means he isn’t battling a real illness.  But, another part of me really does not ever want to experience another tooth cutting through as the last few have been nothing short of pure misery for the entire MPB household.

I guess…as cliché as it sounds…only time will tell.

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14 Comments on “The Sickness Continues

  1. If its similar to the last time he teethed, then probably its teething.btw, molars erupting in baby are crazy painful and most babies fall sick then.
    Happens around 10 -18 months. Since baby mpb is an early teether see if its the molars.
    If he is very cranky and has a cold put a finger in his ear. If he protests then get his ears checked. Could be an infection. Babies are horribly cranky when they have an ear infection.
    In anycase its rough with a sick baby :((
    Wish you all a speedy recovery. I personally cannot wait for it to be spring again. We all can be illness free.


  2. Ugh, you can’t catch a break! I hope it’s just something minor that will pass quickly. I’m glad you’re feeling better, though!


  3. I’m glad you are feeling better and hate that baby MPB may be getting sick! I know it’s so hard to see your child suffer. I never thought I’d say this but hopefully it is his teeth? 🙂 Luke is now working on #8 himself. Thankfully he seems to handle the bottom ones coming in way better that his top. I hope that whatever it is baby MPB feels back to himself soon!

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