This last week has been tough.  Honestly, I’m struggling with everything on my plate right now which has turned me into a giant grouchy bear.  I’m in a funk.  I need to find a way to break out of this, but I feel like until something eases up I’m going to be simply treading water for the foreseeable future.

So, I’ve decided to try sharing something today that makes me happy. If nothing else, at least it will force me not to focus on the fact that yet another nanny interview cancelled on us and I don’t see an end in sight.

So, anyways moving on to positivity….I mentioned months ago, before we even knew about Baby MPB, how excited I was for swimming with Baby MPB.  I’ve been a bit weird about swimming – swimming with our child was something I just always assumed I’d do, you can even say I dreamed about it.  Then, when we almost didn’t have a child, there were times were I was actually very sad and grieved the loss of swimming with our child.

Then, when Baby MPB came along and I tried registering us for swimming and I managed to miss the registration and all the classes filled up.  Then, I went and had surgery and couldn’t go swimming for a while.

So, finally, I registered Baby MPB for his first swimming lessons for the fall – we are now swimming every single week from now until Christmas.

We had our first swimming lesson yesterday and Baby MPB absolutely loves it!  He laughs, he splashes, and he wiggles the entire time.  He even doesn’t mind when I dunk him.

Seriously, he’s taking to the water just like a little fish.

And I completely love our weekly swim date together. 

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14 Comments on “Swimming

  1. So happy you get to experience swimming with your little cutie pie. It is great (and rare) when something is as awesome as we dream up in our head. Hope you find a way to just tread water until things ease up. Hope they do soon! Xo

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  2. Aww that’s lovely. I’ve always been a big fan of swimming and swam every week from being a teenager. I love the baby swim classes… Such a lovely thing to do together and it’s amazing seeing them learn x

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  3. So lovely!!! I really can’t wait for swimming lessons! I didn’t learn how to swim until I was a teenager so I’m determined not to let that stop my baby! Good for you focusing on the positive things 😊 but I’m sorry your still struggling with the whole nanny thing 😡

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  4. So happy you have something fun and happy to distract you from the chaos right now! I definitely want Cadence in swim lessons. I’m afraid of water deep enough to go over my head, I hate getting my face/head wet in the pool, and FORGET going deep in the ocean! I don’t want her to be afraid like I am, I want her to be comfortable and confident in the water like her daddy. Good luck with the rest of baby’s lessons!

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  5. The nanny saga continues! Who knew it would be that hard! I used to love swimming lessons too. I loved them less after getting in the water every week for 2-3 years but they were fun and great baby bonding time.

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  6. Good for you to switch your focus in the face of continuing problems. How fun to go swimming with your baby. It brings back great memories for me. Have a blessed weekend.

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