Top 8 Things I’m Doing With Our Baby

So, I’m going to do many things with our baby.  You know, feed them and love them – the basics.  But today, I’m going to share my list of things I am going to do because I’ve been waiting my entire life to do them with my baby:

  1. Going to the zoo.  More then will probably be considered normal.  I love the zoo.
  2. Strap our baby to Mr. MPB’s chest and go skating.  I’m not good enough on skates to hold myself up all that well, so Mr. MPB has to be the responsible one. Skating as a family will be so much fun!
  3. Take about a billion photos of them.  I’m not bad at taking photos of still objects after completing 365 days of happy, but I’m really not great at moving people.  So, our child is going to be my model for human beings.  I can already see the albums full of baby fingers and toes.
  4. Swimming.  Baby and mommy swimming sounds like fun.
  5. Walks in the park with our dog and our baby.  Enjoying the fresh air as a family is going to be so much fun!
  6. Take a cheesy family Christmas photo.  You know the kind, the kind that will embarrass our child for many years to come.  Probably in some sort of horrible Christmas sweater.
  7. Finger painting.  Okay, a babies version of finger painting will probably be more like body painting.  But hey, I’m not picking!  Paint and baby just seems like fun!
  8. I love, love, love books!  And our child is going to learn to love them too, well, at least until they are old enough to say no.  Until then, I am going to read countless books to them and force reading upon them like some sort of reading monster.

I am beyond excited to share so many fun and happy things with our child.  And, I’m pretty excited that after so much loss and heartache to finally be able to be excited again.   Now, I just hope these happy feelings last!

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22 Comments on “Top 8 Things I’m Doing With Our Baby

  1. This is a beautiful list and much more practical than your “I’ll never list”. Reading is my absolute favorite thing to do with children. It’s a magical little moment between us all. Leo at 11 months is already turning pages for me while we read. His favorite is Cuckoo by Luis Elhert, it’s a Mexican folktale that is engaging for babies. A must have to any infant library. I’ll have to refer you to some of the boys favorites when the times comes.

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    • I have already started compiling a giant library for our kid. I have not heard of Cuckoo so I’m going to add it to my list! Feel free to send over any book recommendations! 🙂


  2. This is so sweet! My husband has started reading to our little guy every night (since he can supposedly hear us now). We’ve been reading through some of my husband’s old childhood books that his parents brought us last fall (when I was still pregnant with our daughter), and last night we found an unexpected gem in the Mr. Men series of books — I highly recommend Mr. Impossible! It was hilarious! Yay for family reading time!

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    • First, I think it is adorable that your husband has started reading to your little guy – that’s just precious and such a special way to start bonding. 🙂
      I will be checking out the Mr. Men series – I had them all when I was a kid and I remember loving them.


  3. Pudding makes fantastic finger paint for kiddos that don’t know to keep it out of there mouth yet! Plus, you can add food coloring to vanilla pudding to get different colors. 😀


  4. I spent this past week collecting all the things I needed — “needed” — ok, wanted… For the baby’s newborn photos! Newborn shoots are kind of my thing so I’m freakishly excited about doing them!! You can hit me up for posing pointers whenever 😉

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  5. Yes!!! I love it! I want to bake and cook with my little one and watch all the cartoons from my childhood… and watch Friends.. You’ve got me all excited now.


  6. I love this list! My mental list is pretty much the same lol. I have an adoption story that I heard today that I need to pass on to you. But it’s a bit long, and I’m too tired to type it out now. If you don’t hear about it from me in the next few days email me to remind me!


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