Sunday Fun Day: Veggies

We normally eat pretty healthy meals.  We eat fresh veggies all year round and 90% + of our evening meals are home cooked.  But, this week, the vegetable crisper in our fridge were nearly empty and neither of us had time to do a grocery run.  So, we found ourselves eating more carbs then usual.

By Thursday, I found myself craving vegetables.

I felt like I was going through some sort of veggie withdrawal.

So, my happy moment this week goes to sauteed kale, steamed broccoli with a lightly seasoned stake.

20151121 - Sunday Fun Day_1

20151121 - Sunday Fun Day_2

20151121 - Sunday Fun Day_4

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17 Comments on “Sunday Fun Day: Veggies

  1. Looks delicious! If I don’t have vegetables I start to crave them too. I’m almost obsessive about getting them in on a daily basis. Broccoli and kale are two of my favorites!!!

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      • I would eat broccoli raw as a child. So odd. All those greens are just so good for you! Glad you used up your broccoli. And I’ve been craving steak since reading this post 🙂


      • That’s awesome!! I love both of those too!! One of my favorite Brussels sprout recipes included sautéed Brussels sprouts with red onions. I put it on these yummy jalapeño soft tortillas from trader joes and dollop Greek yogurt (my sour cream) and salsa. Okay now I’m gonna have to make those 🙂


      • I have never had that! My favourite Brussels sprout recipe is light olive oil, salt and pepper roasted until a bit crispy. So delicious! I think I’m going to need to find time to get to the grocery store and buy Brussels sprouts now!

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