Passive Aggression At Its Finest

There once was a hat. It was the most freaking annoying hat ever to be made and worn by a child.

The darn hat kept magically appearing on my child’s head, right after I took it off.


First let me state that while it’s technically autumn, it is NOT winter yet.  In fact, Mr. MPB was wearing shorts and a t-shirt.  And I was in flip-flops, capris and a light sweater.  It’s not cold out!

You see, my husband gave my mother-in-law the stroller carrying Baby MPB while we were out walking.

She kept putting the hat on his head.  So, I’d walk up and take the hat off his head.  Then, I can only assume my MIL kept putting it on his head because as soon as I’d look back it was magically sitting on his head again.

So, I’d walk up and remove it, stating that it is too warm for him to wear a warm hat.

Then, I’d walk away, look back moments later and the hat was back on his head.

Seriously, this happened probably 10 times in less than an hour.

I was about to lose it!!

The problem was that I couldn’t take away the hat and just carry it, as it was attached to his sweater.

So, finally I texted Mr. MPB and told him enough is enough – I have no idea why he didn’t step in sooner on his own (we have a rule that we deal with our own parents when there is a problem, so it’s his job not mine).  Anyways, I told him he had to intervene as Baby MPB was really warm to the touch.  I’m not prepared to overheat our child simply because his mother is trying to make some sort of passive aggressive point.  Simply, if he didn’t intervene and end this, I would.  And I’m confident it would not have be pretty.

Needless to say Mr. MPB stepped up and removed the sweater that the hat was attached to.  Game over.


This mamma bear has had enough.  I’m currently sitting at my desk pretending to work because it seems best if I just walk away right now. Needless to say, Monday morning, when I leave at 5am for a long day at work, cannot come soon enough!

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40 Comments on “Passive Aggression At Its Finest

  1. Your MIL is like all the Chinese grandmas I encounter at work. Their grandkids all wear 4 layers of clothes when it’s 70 something outside. haha. But I get what you are saying. I’d be annoyed too if someone ignores what I want for my child in a passive aggressive way.

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  2. Oh friend. I feel you on this. I so feel you on this. My in-laws are arriving (AGAIN!!!) anytime now and I’m just dreading it. Absolutely dreading it. In fact I’m already being bitchy and resentful to my wife just because they’re coming.

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    • I was channelling my inner Molly through the entire thing! I have to admit even though at times it frustrated me that my in laws won’t make an effort to know their grandson, I’m so glad they don’t visit as often as yours do!! I couldn’t tolerate this on a regular basis!


      • They usually come once a month, but this will be their second visit this month and they’re staying for four days versus the usual 3. I have no idea how I’m going to cope. I’m still not over their last visit. I hope yours leave soon and you have some peaceful alone time with your son!

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      • OMFG! Deep breaths, you can do this! I’m still practicing my version of restraint combined with deep breathing over here. I keep telling myself next week will be better (yet I’m on the road working multiple days next week which is never easy or fun, but it has to be better this).


      • When they were 20 mins away, I left. I went to Starbucks with my knitting, then went shoe shopping and ran a few errands. I promised my wife that when I returned, I’d be a different person and that I would get through the next 4 days without killing anyone. That’s a lot of pressure to put on a trip to Starbucks, but that’s where we stand. Now I just have to hold up my end of the bargain. Deeeeeep breaths… And the potty goes in the garage as soon as they leave!

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      • I just did the exact same thing with a trip to the grocery store – it didn’t work. I’m now sitting in the backyard trying to calm down. I’m so angry I don’t know if I can be civil right now.

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  3. Omg this would drive me insane, but I would have said something. I like that you and Mr. MPB have the deal with your own family rule.

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  4. I had a similar incident over carhart overalls and passive aggressive texts from my MIL and it ended with a very direct text from me. But I like your rule about each person dealing with their own parents, I need to start using this!

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  5. Yikes. This is one reason that I’m happy that we really have no family living close to us, and no family that has the means to come visit often. While it would be nice to see family more often, we also don’t have to deal with things like this! B and I sort of have the same unspoken agreement, that we deal with our own families issues and not put the other in the middle of it. I hope that we have no problems like this when family DOES come to visit the baby…but I feel that my mama bear will come out and I’ll deal with it no matter who is doing the annoying! Hang in there, really you only have a few hours left to get through!

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  6. Great parent rule. We have worked our way to that here after a few incidences. Nice work on keeping your cool with the MIL being so blatant about ignoring your wishes. I’m not sure I could have held my tongue!!

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  7. I just laughed so hard I woke Luke up! My dad is the same way with Luke and socks/shoes. I don’t know if he thinks Luke is going to freeze without socks on, but the world is going to end if he doesn’t have shoes on. Poor kid is a lot like mom and HATES shoes….

    But the nerve of your mil to keep putting that hat back on him. Can you not tell that he’s hot??

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