My Perfect Breakdown


It’s no secrete that my mother-in-law and I do not have the best of relationship. I make an effort, because she is my husband’s mom.  I spent years trying to be the daughter-in-law she seems to want, but it never worked.  And then, one day I decided to stop trying to be someone I’m not, because it’s not right and it wasn’t working anyways.  I will never be subservient to my husband,… Read More

There once was a hat. It was the most freaking annoying hat ever to be made and worn by a child. The darn hat kept magically appearing on my child’s head, right after I took it off. . First let me state that while it’s technically autumn, it is NOT winter yet.  In fact, Mr. MPB was wearing shorts and a t-shirt.  And I was in flip-flops, capris and a light sweater. … Read More