Post-Surgery Check Up

I went for my first post-operation check-up.  I spent more time trying to take off my shirt and bra then I did with the surgeon.

But, for good reason.

Everything is healing perfectly.  In fact, unless I have reason to be concerned I do not have to go back for another check-up.

I’m told:

  • There are no signs of infection. (Yay!!!)
  • The bruising is completely normal, even though it looks absolutely horrific.
  • I’m a few weeks away from returning to exercise. But walks are a good thing for now.
  • I can fly.  Which is good because I have a project meeting in a few weeks that will require a quick flight or a multi-day driving trip.  So, flying it is.
  • The stitches should start dissolving any-day.  If any creep to the surface just to cut them back and leave them alone to dissolve.
  • I am going to have random clear liquid coming out of the incision for at least a few more weeks, but it’s nothing to be concerned about.  Just continue lining the incision with panty-liners.  (I still find it hilarious that I’m essentially stuffing my bra).
  • No underwire bras for 4 weeks post-surgery.  But, evidently I may not even need or want underwire again.
  • For the next few months I’m going to feel random twinges as the nerves around the nipple begin to reattached.  (This has already started and it’s weird).
  • There is no weight limit for what I can pick up.  So, when I feel ready to pick up Baby MPB, I can.  I don’t feel ready yet and I’ll probably err on the side of caution because I’d like to continue to heal perfectly and not cause secondary damage which will end up dragging out the healing process.  Also, Baby MPB is super-duper wiggly these days and I’m very nervous about him knocking into an incision.  (Mr. MPB is still being super amazing and friends are also helping when needed).
  • When I feel as though I can safely shoulder check and I’m off Tylenol 3’s I can drive.

And in other news:

  • I can now shower on my own!  (But, I still need help putting my bra back on while holding the panty-liners in place).
  • Sleeping is not fun.  I’m a stomach sleeper normally.  I absolutely have to sleep on my back right now.  My back is killing me from not being able to get comfortable at night.
  • I’m no longer taking Tylenol 3’s.  In fact, I’m at about 36 hours without any pain medication.
  • I LOVE my new boobs.

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22 Comments on “Post-Surgery Check Up

  1. Hooray! So glad that everything is going great! And now that you know you’re healing normally, you have baby MPB snuggles to look forward to in the immediate future. 🙂

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  2. Hooray for things continuing to heal well!! I’m so glad you went through with this even though you were so nervous about it. And it’s wonderful how happy you are with the results! I hope this whole process has given you back a bit of faith in the medical system. Hopefully your bruising subsides soon so you can pick that baby up again soon!

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  3. So sorry if you are getting this twice, my computer had a slight temper tantrum and when I got it back what I had written was gone. I was just saying that if you need to use the pads for a couple more weeks, just use the sticky backs and stick them where you need them to be, inside your bra,that way you won’t need help getting dressed, they won’t move around either. So glad to hear you are on the mend, and doing well, hugs.

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