Goodbye 2015

For me, saying good-bye to 2015 comes with so much hope for 2016.

20141016 - 100HappyDays_Day96Today I am hopeful. In fact, I think I am more hopeful then I have been in a number of years.

Hope, it’s a powerful force.  For me, in many ways it’s my guiding force.  It keeps me going on bad days.  It gives me a reason to wake up and tackle each and every day.  It offers innocent promises for tomorrow.

I have no idea what our futures will hold, but I know so long as I can hope for goodness, hope for love, hope for happiness and hope for a better tomorrow, then life is worth living.

And so today I will not make any New Years resolutions.  I don’t believe in them.  But, as I say goodbye 2015 and simply stae my hope for 2016:

I hope everyone’s dreams, whatever they are, come true in 2016.

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16 Comments on “Goodbye 2015

  1. Hope is the rope that swings you through life. I think your 2016 is going to be rocking!! I cannot wait to hear more from you, I am almost virtually stalking your blog :))

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