2019 Already?!

How is it already 2019?!  I feel like I am officially old, because I have pondered this question way too many times in the last week!

Seriously, where has time gone?

Another year gone.  Another Christmas season gone.  But mostly, I cannot help but see that my little baby all the sudden seems like he is three going on thirteen.  And next thing I know he’ll be going off to college.

I suppose my first post of 2019 should be spent reflecting on 2018, but I’m still trying to decompress from the last two weeks!  You see, first Little MPB had pneumonia which require more doctors and emergency room visits then I care to remember.  This also necessitated an extra week off from work, which resulted in working weird hours, and eating way too much take-out food and completely neglecting our wedding anniversary.  Then, at the same time, the Christmas rush started, which involved travel with a sick toddler (doctors assured us he was fine to travel and see other people), spending time with family, sleeping in unfamiliar beds, and even sneaking in a date night.  Then, we got home, and started hosting friends and family from out of town.  Of course, these visits are never without unnecessary drama, but this time with a dose of mean and cruel behaviour added into the mix.  And of course Mr. MPB and I argued more then I’d like, but alas, I think that’s almost normal when life is so busy and stressful and exhausting.  

And all the while, we stuck with potty training.  (For what it’s worth, don’t start potty training a kid right before Christmas).  Our plan was simple, no more daytime diapers and/or pull-ups.  And, we’ve stuck to it.  I am happy to report, we pretty much have pee figured out.  I’m not so happy to report that poops are very much still a work in progress.  But my favourite piece of unsolicited Christmas potty training advice is:

it feels like never ending hell when your living in potty training.  But then one day, you realize they’ve figured it out and you move onto your next parenting challenge and don’t really remember how hard it was.

So, here’s to hoping we move onto another parenting challenge sooner rather then later!  And, maybe, if we are lucky, 2019 will also bring us some much needed calmer and happier moments too!

Wishing everyone a wonderful 2019!

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5 Comments on “2019 Already?!

  1. solidarity on the potty training front! We were crazy to start right after Christmas mayhem, but sometimes you just gotta roll with the time that works best for your family…despite the chaos and turmoil it can send even the most confident of parents into. if it’s any consolation, we are right there too on the peeing rock star but the withholding poop child, or asking for a diaper to go poop. We decided to just roll with tossing a pull up on him so he can poop in it because it’s better than him withholding it and making himself feel sick. We keep encouraging the potty use for it but have only had a few successful toilet uses on that front. The joys of parenting. It’s always one thing after another to conquer!

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  2. Just know that most kids, by the time they reach college, will know how to pee and poop in the toilet!!! Wait til you have to start teaching them to drive. Now there is a scary thought!!

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  3. Your holiday season sounded similar to ours. While thankfully we didn’t have pneumonia to deal with, we did have his first two teeth to contend with. And our wedding anniversary was tired mumbles to each other while trying to get through the day. We did get each other presents but they were purchased a month beforehand (which he tried to give it to me when he got it. I’m glad I told him to wait because it was the only real signifier we celebrated anything on the actual day)

    Happy new year! May it be a year of complete potty training and treasured memories.

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