Potty Training Update

Remember a few months ago we decided to let daycare take the lead on potty training? Well, they’ve done an excellent job of potty training, at daycare. In fact, Little MPB is a potty peeing pro at daycare. They keep him in a pull-up all day long, but he only uses it for poop. When it comes to pee, he now self-initiates, and does the whole potty routine on his own. Like completely on his own!! We are told that in a few more weeks he’ll simply choose to start using the potty for all of his daily needs including poop. Daycare is adamant that if you force a child into potty training it takes more time. So, they just use peer pressure, positive encouragement and a scheduled routine.

But, clearly, that’s not how it’s been going at home. At home, when we say potty, and we are faced with epic tears and meltdowns. He has actually mastered the art of running to another room, throwing himself on the ground and crying/screaming. (As an aside, how can a screaming/crying child be so adorable and almost humorous?!). We’ve been reading about how to overcome this, talking to daycare and I’ve even reached out to a few friends who have a bit more experience in potty training and seem to know what they are doing when it comes to potty training their own kids.

Anyways, we are implementing a modified daycare approach. Unlike daycare, at home during the day we are now diaper/pull-up free. We went and picked out big boy underwear, and he loves it. When we mention the potty before and after regular daily activities (like before dinner, before bedtime, etc.) we do not ask if he needs to go, we tell him. We are stern and matter-of-fact when it comes to the potty. We are also making it a family affair, sort of like how daycare uses peer pressure for the younger kids to learn – we say Little MPB goes to the potty first, then mommy/daddy goes to the potty second. And most recently we brought a teddy bear into the circle of potty users, which he absolutely loves because he gets to help his teddy use the potty. He also knows he gets chocolate when he uses the potty (not just sitting on it).

Needless to say, some days are better then others. But we are having more good days.

So, here’s what I can say about potty training my first (and last child):

  • Little MPB isn’t one of those kids who just decides one day he’s going to use the potty on his own.
  • We have discovered Little MPB doesn’t like being told to do something. Which is clearly a shocker given he’s almost officially a threenager (note the sarcasm). He prefers to self-initiate as often as possible. Which also means we have to leave him alone and let him make mistakes, which is easier said then done.
  • Little MPB likes his privacy. Which is likely why he has mastered using the potty on his own at daycare. At home, we now stand outside the bathroom when he is using it, because while he doesn’t give us any potty privacy, we understand the desire for potty privacy.
  • I get frustrated quicker then Mr. MPB. (But this is true to most things in life, just given our personality differences). Patience is a virtue, that I am lacking.
  • Potty training isn’t the most fun I’ve had as a parent thus far. In fact, I hate it.
  • Most recently I threatened that santa would not come if he doesn’t use the potty everyday, everytime. I’m officially the worst mom ever. Yet, I am hoping it’s the motivation he needs?

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10 Comments on “Potty Training Update

  1. Oh potty training. It’s the WORST when you’re in the middle of it, but then the best when it’s done.

    My daughter is a bit older than Little MPB (she was three in August) and we started to potty train last April. I read the “Oh Crap” potty training book and jumped into her three day method because my daughter also was not one of those kids who was “just ready” and started to use the potty on her own one day. It was hard work and we had to be super consistent, but I’m happy to say now she’s on the other side of it and we’re accident-free. I hope Little MPB gets the hang of things completely really soon!

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  2. I am about to enter this phase (my son just turned 2)… wish all parents of toddlers the best of luck and one day we will laugh about it…. right?! šŸ˜‚ also, the tantrums are so funny and so tragic sometimes.


  3. I am sorry, but I was just laughing reading your post..
    really mama MPB, you need to take a chill pill and throw your stress over potty training in to the potty.

    He is still a child, and its perfectly normal to be in diapers till the age of 3, 3.5 .,,, believe me when I say this, its like a bulb going on in their little heads, one day they just get it.. Wait for the bulb to turn on, dont meddle with the switch šŸ™‚

    he is using the potty consistently at daycare, thats great, well, at least you are not buying the tonnes of diapers you had to, maybe just 6 months ago!! So take that as a win… and please.. no Santa threats… šŸ™‚ Although, lump of coal is fair play, I say…


  4. Ugh, SOOOO not looking forward to this! C has shown us so many signs that she’s ready, I’m just not. But, for Christmas she’s getting a potty and some potty books, and once the holiday crazy is over, our goal is to start potty training. I’ve been at my wits end with life lately, so hopefully I can dig deep to find the patience and strength to get through this!

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  5. My least favorite job as a parent, to date. But you know, once it’s over, it’s over. L was easy. T was STILL having accidents sometimes AFTER L was fully potty trained. He was hard… I think he was all of 4 years old before the accidents finally stopped for good. L was also night time dry before T. In fact, I think that might have helped motivate T. It remains to be seen what Z will be like. I hope he will just have enough peer pressure from his bros that it’ll be easy… I hope. I really do think it’s just one of those things, it has to click for them on their own. I won’t even start trying with Z till he’s 2.5. I learned my lesson that trying early is very frustrating for me and my child and that it’s generally futile anyway. šŸ¤·

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    • Potty training is definitely a humbling and frustrating experience! I hope Z is motivated by T and L. I know school peer pressure has helped Little MPB, but it hasn’t been enough.


  6. We are the midst of it here too. He still doesn’t tell us when he needs to go, but if we ask him to go he usually does! Hoping it clicks a little more for him in the next month!

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  7. Potty training has by far been the most difficult parenting endeavor for me. I’m way too emotional about it! But, when keeping emotion out of it, we’ve had our best results. It’s just really hard not to loose my cool. I’m super patient with everything else, even tantrums, but potty training broke me. šŸ˜¦

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