A Few Things I Forgot To Mention

My nearly unexpected month-long blogging break, has resulted in a few things I forgot to mention.  So, I’ll do a quick update:

  1. Little MPB is now sleeping in a big-boy bed.  One morning he told Mr. MPB I do it myself, and proceeded to try to climb out of his crib.  And with that, we bought a big boy bed.  I bought books about big kid beds and we all went to Ikea, where he picked out his bed and blankets.  Truthfully, we chose the bed and got him excited for the one we chose, but he had full rein on the blanket choice.  We left his crib in his room for the first few weeks, thinking if it didn’t go well, at least it would be ready. Instead, he is incredibly proud of his boy boy bed and had basically no issues with the transition.  In fact, he started asking, Can I sleep in my big boy bed tonight” every single day, until we finally took down the crib.
  2. Little MPB loves doing things himself.  He now gets his own milk cup out of the fridge, he read his own books, he puts on his own boots, he can put on his own jacket.  You name it, he believes he can do it on his own.  Which means, we as parents are learning to take a step back and encourage and support, rather then just doing things for him.
  3. Potty training is an ongoing struggle.  Apparently we have a stubborn kid – more on that later.
  4. We bought a new couch, due to a lucky find on Black Friday (as an aside, I’m not sure what I think about the fact that Black Friday is starting to become a thing in Canada now).  And like an idiot, I sold our current couch a week before the new-one arrives. It was a tad bit weird to have friends over and only have 1 chair in our living room.  Ops!
  5. Little MPB’s speech has taken another tremendous leap forward.  As in, he now:
    • Uses complete sentences.
    • Uses pronouns correctly.
    • Can tell basic jokes.
    • Asks for what he wants.
    • Uses please, thank you, and your welcome correctly.
    • Will say Please, Please, Please? while jumping up and down when he really wants something.
    • Tells us about things we said or did the day before.
    • Has actually said Mommy told me I could to Mr. MPB when he said no to something.
    • Will tell us what he wants for food – I want chicken, and ketchup and french fries.  No pasta.
    • Says banana correctly.  This caught me, because it’s always been anana.  And suddenly there is a B.  And he says it perfectly.
  6. Little MPB does still have a few toddler words, which make me smile. Like, instead of thumb he says Flumb, with a noticeable b at the end.
  7. Doodle MPB still lives here.  More on that later.
  8. Little MPB was invited to his first friends birthday party.  As in a friend from daycare, not a birthday of someone we, the parents, know.  He has no idea what this means, but I think it’s going to be so much fun, and so adorable!

I’m positive more stuff has happened, but this are the big toddler highlights.

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5 Comments on “A Few Things I Forgot To Mention

  1. Love it! Bella has been in a big girl bed a few weeks to a month now too. One night she was super restless sonJustin slept in the twin bed we had in her room with her and then the next day at nap time she wanted to sleep in it. I figured why not give it a try. I only had to go in once to tell her to lay back down and from then on, she never went back to her crib. I kept it up a few weeks more because that was where her time out place was but finally took it down last week so I could have more room in her room. I should probably do an update on her soon myself, lol.

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  2. Love the update. It’s so wonderful and strange to watch fellow bloggers kids grow up right before my eyes through the words of their parents… So many of us have been following each other since before our children joined us, and so much has changed!

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  3. I’m so happy the big boy transition went well! And I’m laughing because it was a very similar situation with Luke. One night he told me “last night I got out of my crib and got back in it” and the next day I witnessed him do it during “nap time.” These boys!!


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