My Perfect Breakdown


Little MPB has been pee potty trained for a while now.  We can go days without a pee accident.  Keys to his potty training success have been simple: We absolutely cannot tell him or suggest to him that he needs to pee.  If we suggest it, he will not go, under any circumstance.  Rather, he tells us.  He prefers to pee on his own – he wants his privacy, and honestly he… Read More

I have 2 straight-up parenting questions today. First, how do we take away Little MPB’s pacifier/soother?  You see, Little MPB LOVES his soother, he took to one on the second day of his life and it instantly became his thing, which was great initially because they are known to reduce SIDS, but we are well past that now.  He loves his soother so much that he has not taken to any blanket… Read More