My Perfect Breakdown


So, remember how we took away Little MPB’s soother?  I’ve been waiting on edge for a horrible night, but we still haven’t had one.  He continues to sleep through the night, which is pretty amazing. And, more surprisingly, instead of the horrible sleepless nights I’ve been expecting, he has developed 2 new habits.  Thankfully, these habits are completely adorable! First, he now wakes up talking to himself.  Before he had a literal… Read More

We said goodbye to Little MPB’s soother this weekend!  It was somewhat unplanned.  We knew we were getting rid of it before the end of the year, but we didn’t know exactly when. But three things encouraged us to try this weekend. First, late last week someone commented on my blog post with the idea of trading a soother for a toy at bedtime.   It worked perfectly for her and seemed… Read More