Stick In The Mud

I’m grouchy.  I have been for a few days now.

Why you ask?

I dunno.

Work isn’t overly stressful at the moment.  Little MPB is doing great with the exception of teething misery.  Mr. MPB seems to be getting by alright.  Our house doesn’t look like a tornado just went through it, just a toddler storm, which I can totally live with.  I’m not overly exhausted at the moment. Of course I miss our dog, but that sadness isn’t the cause of 3 days straight of grouchy.  Really, nothing has gone catastrophically horribly, so I’m not sure why I’m so miserable.

Yet, here I am, just a giant stick in the mud.  Generally I’m waking up grouchy, I’m spending my days grouchy and then I’m going to bed grouchy.  I’m so grouchy I even feel bad for Mr. MPB whose trying to cheer me up, but nothing is really working, not even my beer for lunch yesterday.

I’m so grouchy I don’t even want to write today.  And so, with that, I’m going to go be grouchy all by myself and go sit on the couch watching morning cartoons, rather then work.  Maybe Scooby-Doo and the gang or Pinky and Brain will cheer me up?

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16 Comments on “Stick In The Mud

  1. I have days like that, and it’s okay. You aren’t required to be happy and cheerful every day of your life. It’ll work itself out eventually.

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  2. When I’m really in a funk – and even my favorite people/places/things can’t break the spell – I try to do some good. Of course, it’s the last thing I really want to do, especially when I’m crabby and don’t have motivation for much of anything. But a small act of kindness, or getting a donation bag together, or volunteering, or even letting someone go in front of me at the grocery store. Even the small things bring a glimmer of sunshine back, which makes me want to do more, which eventually banishes the clouds. Hoping the grouch-fog lifts for you soon!

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  3. Yup. Been here before. I actually just read a whole chapter about how to get out of the doldrums in a book. Don’t know if it actually would work, though.


  4. I hate it when I know I’m being a jerk. The only thing that makes me feel a little better is that I know it will pass. But I hate it too. Hopefully you are on the tail end.


  5. This is random but try watching the music video for ‘humble and kind’ by Tim McGraw on YouTube. It always somehow puts life in perspective for me. That and a big glass of wine :). Xo

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  6. Ugh I get these times where I hit a few day funk. Often doing something around mindfulness for myself helps like a nice walk through a beautiful place (beautiful plus creates endorphins and as Elle Woods says “endorphins make people happy”).
    I also try to do something (even if it is small) that I have been putting off because it will give a sense of accomplishment which might help a little too.
    A lot of little things generally combine to bring me out of it. Like eating my favourite dinners for the next few days, having a night out with Hubby, etc.

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