My Perfect Breakdown


I have admitted in the past that I don’t think I gave Mr. MPB credit for the emotions he was feeling during each one of our losses.  The focus of the doctors, counselors and even myself was always on me.  Everyone was always worried about me because I was technically the patient.  I was the one whose health was at risk, as I was the one carrying the child.  But what I’ve… Read More

Mr. MPB: Hey, we got an email from one of our adoption agencies. Me (said from the shower):  Oh ya, which one?  What does it say? Mr. MPB: …. Me (yelling back from the shower):  Huh? . After shower completed. Me:  Well, I’m guessing it’s not news of a match since you didn’t tell me what the email was about? Mr. MPB:  Of course not.  You think I wouldn’t come interrupt your… Read More