My Perfect Breakdown


Mr. MPB: Hey, we got an email from one of our adoption agencies. Me (said from the shower):  Oh ya, which one?  What does it say? Mr. MPB: …. Me (yelling back from the shower):  Huh? . After shower completed. Me:  Well, I’m guessing it’s not news of a match since you didn’t tell me what the email was about? Mr. MPB:  Of course not.  You think I wouldn’t come interrupt your… Read More

It took a horribly long time, in fact, I’d say a disgustingly long time, but we finally got a hard copy of our adoption profile book!! It’s been shown to potential birth mother’s all of the USA for over 2 months now.  And today, we finally got to see a copy ourselves! There is something magical about holding the book in our hands, and not just seeing an electronic copy. There is… Read More