Adoption Profile Book Update

It took a horribly long time, in fact, I’d say a disgustingly long time, but we finally got a hard copy of our adoption profile book!!

It’s been shown to potential birth mother’s all of the USA for over 2 months now.  And today, we finally got to see a copy ourselves!

There is something magical about holding the book in our hands, and not just seeing an electronic copy.

There is something so real about seeing and holding the book.  Touching the paper and flipping the real pages.

The book that shows our dreams for our child and our future family. It showcases the best of us, doing our favourite things at home, with our friends, and travelling the world.   The book shares our passions, our dreams and our love.  Really, it’s a book dedicated to our future as a family.

Somehow, touching this book feels like the first real adoption anything we’ve done.  Yes, we’ve paid money (and lots of it) but always via wire transfers and plastic cards which makes it feel a bit more removed from reality.  Yes, we’ve met with social workers and read the report that says we will be good parents, but they are standard government documents with little to no personality and completely void of excitement and passion.

But this book, for me, it’s different.

For some reason, seeing our smiling faces and reading the words that we wrote in a book, just made it feel that much more real.

This is exactly what our future birth mother will see when they first meet us.  It’s what they will use to choose us.  It’s how they will first get to know us.

This is also something our children will have the opportunity to read and flip through as they grow up, to see what our life was like before they joined and to see what we dreamed for.  Sure, I’ll keep a copy of the homestudy, but that’s just a boring government document.  This is a photo album dedicated to them and will be there’s one day.

I’m sure all our dreams we share wont come true, but I know so long as we have a child or two, the most important dream will come true and we will be heading in the right direction.

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47 Comments on “Adoption Profile Book Update

  1. Oh I bet that book is simply amazing! Any birth mom would be crazy to pass you guys up as parents! Love you! ❤️


  2. It must be fantastic to have something tangible to hold in your hands after all of this. Now, we “just” need to get you a baby! Seriously–who do I call? Is there an adoption mob boss? I don’t mind doing some dirty work! (In my head, I’m imaging that this imaginary mob boss runs a diaper service. A different kind of waste management. Hah.) (You may need to start ignoring my ridiculous comments. I am clearly delirious from lack of sleep.)

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  3. It’s awesome that you finally got a hard copy…I can imagine the excitement (and pride) you must be feeling. Imagine, literally holding your dreams in the palm of your hands…that’s pretty awesome!


  4. So great that you got to see your book! Something tangible and personal for you in this long distance process that I’m sure can seem impersonal at times. xx


  5. Exciting! So exciting! I agree the book is such a tangible piece of adoption. The rest of it is shuffled papers. This… This is real!
    When I received my own book it was a wow kind of moment. Since I’m adopting an older child this will be their first glimpse of me and their new life. Their first view. It felt connecting some how. Now to just find that right child for whom I’m the right parent.
    Enjoy this exciting moment!


    • Wow, I hadn’t thought about how an older child themselves would see the book! That’s really amazing to think about!
      And yes, totally a wow moment, I’m glad you also experienced a similar reaction.

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  6. Wow, that must be amazing to have! Can you tell me who you used to put the book together for you? I have a friend who is looking for someone. Wish I could see it!!!


  7. Aww I am so happy that ya’ll got a hard copy. At our agency we had to create our book before our classes & hours were complete and once you turn it in you NEVER get it back. This makes me a little sad because I put a lot of work into the book. I hand drew all the pictures and letters by pencil before I went over then with a fine tip pen. It was beautiful and I hope one day to see it again : )


    • We should have had the hard copy a few months ago, which I think made me extra excited to hold it now! I’m sad that you will never get yours back! Is there anyway you could make a second one, one for your family to keep?

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      • Maybe once the adoption goes thru I will be able to get in back. I literally did everything by hand so It would take hours & days to recreate the same book.


  8. How lovely. Would you be willing to share when I come to visit? Say no if you have any hesitation, I will understand. I totally get why theskyandback teared up reading this. I can only imagine how moving seeing this would be.

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    • I’ve seen the digital copy, but it was so great and moving to hold the hard copy in my hands, and flip through it. One day I imagine sharing it with our child and showing them how we came to be a family.

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  9. Oh, congrats on seeing your hard copy! I cried as I went through mine, even though I spent a gazillion hours working on the thing in digital form. It’s just different in your hands than on the screen. I loved this, “Really, it’s a book dedicated to our future as a family.” That’s exactly how I felt! It’s kind of a gift, really, to have this physical, readable representation of your life before children, waiting for that child to arrive and dedicated to how very much you are looking forward to parenthood. It is such a beautiful snippet of time, the Before everything changes so momentously. I love how excited you are to read through it, and to think about reading it with your child, telling the story of how they came to be in your family. Just gorgeous!


    • You are so right, it’s somehow different when the book is in your hands, and not on a computer screen! And I love that we shared such a similar reaction to the hard copy. 🙂


  10. I guess I didn’t realize that you had never seen an actual copy of the book! I’m so glad that you have a copy now, so you can hold on to it and share it with your littles when they come into your life. Lovely 🙂


    • We saw the digital and then I’ve been begging the designer to get me the hard copies that we paid for. (I think she didn’t put them in the mail for some reason and then tried to pretend that she did, which bothered me immensely, but I digress).

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  11. It’s like seeing the embryo before its transferred – IF sucks no doubt but there something terrific about having an experience before the baby comes a fertile never would


  12. This is so special. I bet you and your husband are filled with hope and joy for the future and pride in the beautiful family you have created just waiting for him or her to join you!


    • It’s crazy to look at the book all about where we’ve been and hope to go in our lives, and not feel about 1000 emotions at once. Thankfully most of the emotions are positive and exciting! 🙂

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    • In many ways it does feel vulnerable to put ourselves out there and hope someone chooses us. And it’s also excited to think that eventually someone will choose us and eventually we will have children. 🙂


  13. That’s so heartwarming! I really love the idea of your own book. It’s like the first volume in your family’s story. The next one will have three of you in! X


  14. Yay!!! I am so excited you finally get to see it in person and hold it in your hands. Our profile books are such a huge part of our adoption journeys. Love this post!


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