A Forced Indulgence

Prior to having a dog I prided myself on having a floor that you could eat off.

20140903 - 100HappyDays_Day50Then we got a 90lbs dog, which means I had a generally clean house, with fur everywhere. So, I can no longer in good conscious recommend eating off our floors.

Then one day, I was told to steer clear of anything that could possibly be harmful to a pregnancy.  In addition to things like exercise, in my mind this included all toxic chemicals and household chemicals (I cannot remember for-sure if any doctor ever stated this included household chemicals exactly or if it was just my neurotic RPL brain that made the link – the RPL brain is a seriously screwed up thing).  Either way, I immediately and completely gave up cleaning our house.

It didn’t take long before I saw the flaw in this plan. The toilets started to have that gross looking ring.  The sinks were less then clean as it turns out I shed hair all the time.  The dog fur balls on the floor started to make me question if we were trying to grow a new puppy.  The glass-top oven (my nemesis) started to have more and more cooked on rings of food that I could not get off.  The carpets, well we wont even talk about those (evidently not being able to use cleaning chemicals also meant that I wasn’t able to use a vacuum).

20140427 - NestingAt this point, Mr. MPB was trying to take care of me during miscarriages and high risk pregnancies, working a very demanding job and trying to clean the house.  He got a gold star for effort, for everything.  But the reality is, even if he had no other responsibilities then just cleaning the house, he had no hope of ever meeting my standards.  Evidently we have different versions of “clean.”

So, we started searching for a house cleaner.  We knew we wanted the same person time every time, someone who was good with dogs and preferably a small company or individual.  We did trials as we brought in a number of individual cleaners and told them we’d call them back if we wanted to make it a permanent arrangement.  One time, we honestly could not figure out what someone did in our house for 4 hours.  Needless to say, the search did not go well.

But then one day, it was as if the heavens opened up and we met the perfect duo – two amazing sisters.  They use great products.  They do a great job. They are reliable.  We trust them.

So now that we are adopting and not trying for a biological child, I can go near any chemical I want with no risk to a child, just me (which does not rate quite as high on the scale for some reason).

Yet, I have no desire to start cleaning my house again.  I love not doing the deep clean.  I love that every two weeks someone else comes in and takes care of it all.  And I think Mr. MPB loves it too.

In fact, I love this little luxury so much that while money is tight due to our adoption, this is one thing I really don’t want to let go of.

And so, I’m not.

We’ve compromised on so many other aspects of our lives to afford this adoption, but this is one I’m not compromising on.

I know it’s a luxury and I am beyond thankful for it.  In fact, I’ve told Mr. MPB that he can consider this my birthday and Christmas present for the rest of my life (although I did suggest that he is still welcome to still buy me other gifts, because seriously I am human and I do enjoy nice gifts from time to time).

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40 Comments on “A Forced Indulgence

    • I’m so glad you also have this indulgence!! I imagine with your little guy you must love that you don’t have to spend time cleaning. Instead you can spend your time playing and snuggling him. 🙂

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  1. Good for you!!
    Dont let them go, once the baby is here you can forget showering for weeks, so house cleaning will be a never done task.
    I pay through my nose to get 2 ladies to come and deep clean my house every week, but Id rather not shave my legs if it came to cost savings than let them go :)) yeah, no kidding.


  2. I hear yah sister! We’ve had a cleaner for the last few years but thought I’d give her up with me being on mat leave, yah know, because I’ll have so much more time to clean the house. Ha!! Now I believe having a house cleaner makes me a better mom 😊 So that’s what I keep telling the Viking. Gotta have some indulgences I say 🙂 Good for you!


  3. I say good for you! That is one indulgence I wish I could work into my own life. We have “dog hair tumbleweeds” all the time, even if we just vacuumed! LOL


    • It’s an indulgence that is totally worth it, and I expect will be even more valuable once you are chasing your twins around in a few short months. 🙂
      Oh, the dog fur tumbleweeds… Annoying, but totally worth it.

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  4. I love everything about this post because we recently started getting a cleaning lady every week after the birth of the baby because I simply couldn’t keep up (nor did I want to) and it truly is taking so much stress off my plate! Enjoy your squeaky clean indulgence… you certainly deserve it!

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  5. I am with you! With all the cutbacks we need to look at doing with our jobs slowing down this year and fertility treatments….my cleaning lady is the one thing I can’t let go of either. She is worth EVERY penny!

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  6. Two things. Okay, three.

    1. We share a nemesis! I hate our stinking (not literally) glass-top range too.

    2. I am dying with envy that you have a cleaner. A reliable one adds insult to my injury.

    3. That’s it. I’m finding myself a cleaner. Hopefully a reliable one.


  7. No matter how tough times get, Brian and I agree that our cleaning gals stay! Having cleaners is a key to our marital happiness!


  8. We got a cleaner in every 2 weeks this summer, ostensibly so we could do awesome outdoors adventures like century rides and kayaking in remote areas. That has not panned out, haha. But I love having someone else clean the house still. It takes the weight off DH and I feel better barfing in a clean house 😃


    • If you are going to spend your days barfing, a clean toilet is a definite must! I so hope you get over the morning sickness soon, it’s never fun.
      I’m so glad that you are able to not worry about keeping the house clean. 🙂


  9. Approx how much does it cost to have someone clean your home? It’s definitely something we’d be into once school starts and Dumplin’ comes. Life is too short to be spending it cleaning your house! We are pretty tidy, but definitely slack on the dusting, and deep cleaning of things like window sills, etc.


  10. Good for you!! It is so worth it! We fired ours because we didn’t know what she was doing in our house other than watching tv…she left a note saying she couldn’t figure out how to turn the tv off! When your baby arrives you will appreciate the extra time!


    • haha! It sounds just like the one we tried out, we seriously had no idea what she did. The worst part is that we told her we weren’t hiring her and she still showed up two weeks later ready to clean. We had to fire her again!
      I hope you can find someone new who does a great job. 🙂


  11. I would love for someone to come clean for me! B doesn’t have the same standards as me, and god for bid he clean something without me asking him to! I’ve been really slacking lately, because I’ve been down and just haven’t felt like it. Now it’s a mess and driving me nuts, but now we’re going out of town for a couple days. Guess it’ll have to wait! Maybe B will let me hire someone at some point too! 🙂


  12. Hahaha. I hate cleaning. Used to have cleaners but only have a studio now (and saving money) so we are making do with a level of tidiness that would probably make your eyes boggle! 😂 (Did buy a special pet friendly cordless vacuum cleaner which helps!)


  13. I had a cleaner pre baby as used to work massive hours. It was the bomb! Eric was starting to talk about getting me one when I was preggo just last week but I was holding off for a bit. I think when I am eventually pregnant again we will def get one but while we are trying and I have a couple of freeish days per week with no child and a bunch of medical appointments I feel like I should do it myself. Even without cleaning you are constantly tidying with kids around anyway! Enjoy your indulgence. I totally think it is worth it. 🙂


  14. I also love having a cleaning company. I got one a year ago just as we were starting IVF. We just get once a month done, but its awesome since I HATE doing floors myself. One thing though is our company doesn’t always use the same people. I’ve had one bad experience, so they basically re-cleaned the entire house the next day for me. Other than that, it’s been awesome! I’m torn on whether to keep it or not after baby comes, but for now, I’m keeping it at least for the first few months.


  15. I love that you have made this choice and will continue to indulge in it. When you wrote about your husband trying to take care of the house as u suffered through RPL it sounded all too familiar. I remember my poor husband trying to do the same month after month, loss after loss. The house was in ruins. No matter how hard he tried, he couldnt live up to my standard of clean!
    We have discussed hiring someone in the past, and u have reminded me that I should look into it. Especially with treatment coming up in a few months. Nice post!


  16. I would love a cleaning lady but unfortunately, not in the cards for us. That and J is against paying anyone for something we can do ourselves, lol. If it was just me and I could afford it…I’d totally go for it! I especially hate cleaning bathrooms. 🙂 Love that you get still get to have this for yourself!


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