My Perfect Breakdown


Well, we made a decision, as a couple, regarding permanent birth control.  (Before I dive into it, I want to take a quick moment to thank everyone who provided their words of encouragement and advice when I first brought this up last month – your support and your advice was and is always so appreciated). Mr. MPB is getting a vasectomy.  In fact, he is getting it today. How does Mr. MPB feel… Read More

A permanent birth control method has been on our minds for a very long time.¬† In fact, when we decided to stop trying for a baby the old fashioned way, we chose the Mirena IUD for birth control¬† Yet, we’ve been talking about a more permanent birth control solution ever since. (As a quick aside for those not familiar with my story, we are technically infertile according the doctors.¬† But we actually… Read More