My Perfect Breakdown


I am a working mom.  I work full time.  I run my own consulting company with no-one to provide back-up or coverage.  being a one women team means I’m on my own for meetings, so I had better not get sick or have a flat tire because there is no-one else who can step in and pick up my slack from time to time.  Being a one person team is interesting.  Truthfully,… Read More

I’ve stared at a blank screen for well over an hour this morning. Okay, that’s not true. I should probably say, I opened this screen well over an hour ago.  Then immediately got up to make neocitron, because at this point with my current cold, I’m basically a cold medicine addict. Then, sat back down and stared at the screen again while drinking neocitron.  Then, Mr. MPB informed me Little MPB is… Read More