I’ve stared at a blank screen for well over an hour this morning.

Okay, that’s not true.

I should probably say, I opened this screen well over an hour ago.  Then immediately got up to make neocitron, because at this point with my current cold, I’m basically a cold medicine addict.

Then, sat back down and stared at the screen again while drinking neocitron.  Then, Mr. MPB informed me Little MPB is awake.  So I drank really quickly, while still staring at the screen and mumbling that I’m not ready to start the day.  Then, I went upstairs to get Little MPB up.  (He demanded to wear his jammas today, so we are having an impromptu pajama day because some battles just aren’t worth having).  Then we came downstairs to have a dinosaur “roaring” contest and a tickle fight while Mr. MPB got himself ready for the day.  Upon Mr. MPB’s arrival downstairs, I came back to this screen.

Once again, I stared at it.  Then, I decided it’s time for a shower as I have meetings outside of the house today.  So, I went and showered and took the time to actually blow-dry my hair as meetings necessitate that I don’t wear a baseball hat.  Then, I returned to eat breakfast with Mr. MPB and Little MPB.  Of course, Little MPB promptly stole from me (Little MPB is a firm believer that whatever food someone else has is better then the food he has, even if they are the exact same) so I grabbed a piece of left over pizza, because Little MPB wont eat pizza (the kid is weird, what can I say?).  Next, it was time to get Little MPB ready for daycare, which meant he needed his sandal-shoes and a snuggle.  At the same time Mr. MPB ran through our plans for the day to sort out who was where when and what needed to be done.  After that, Little MPB said bye bye and I returned to the blank screen.


Now, many of you probably don’t care about the MPB crazy morning dash to get everyone ready for the day.  I’m pretty sure everyone, everywhere has a similar mad-dash morning routine.

But, their is a point to this:

I just don’t seem to have the time these days.  Between parenting and working, I just never seem to have more then 30 seconds to myself to do basically anything I want.  Hair cuts used to be every 6ish weeks, now they seem to be every 10ish weeks.  Pedicures, I only made time for one pedicure this summer after my heals were so dry that they started to crack and bleed.  Grocery shopping is usually a mad dash through the store with a very unhappy toddler who’d rather be doing anything but grocery shopping.  Evenings, after Little MPB goes to bed, are used for catching up on work because I just don’t have enough time otherwise.  Exercise, I don’t even want to talk about that.  Photography, I’m not even sure where my camera is at the moment.  Writing, clearly isn’t happening as much as I like/want/need it to.


I miss having a few minutes to just breath.  Maybe next week will be better?

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11 Comments on “Life

  1. I have no words of help but can offer up sympathy. I get it. I truly get it. The day starts and before we know it, it’s late at night and it’s time for bed and not a moment was saved for ourselves. It’s tough.

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  2. I get it! I literally have been exercising in the 30 min before work and reading a book on my lunch break bc that is my “me” time. It’s sooooo hard! Time flies by so quickly.

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  3. Yup. I’m a full-time work-outside-the-home mother to twin 6-year-old boys, and this describes my life since returning to work when they were 10 weeks of age. Never enough time to do all the things I *need* to do, let alone the things I’d like to do.

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    • I cannot even imagine how you went back to work with twins when they were only 10 weeks old! And, I cannot even begin to imagine how hard it must be for you to fit in any “wants” into your life!


  4. I am right there with you. Right now, Sam is transitioning from a cold straight into the four-month regression. He is convinced he needs no naps. And night time isn’t any better, although Michael handles that. So I have a tired husband, a grumpy son, and no time to myself.

    Whelp, son just woke up early from his nap….got to go.

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  5. You are not alone. Between my 3 yr old twins, full time job, insane dog (you get that!), and ridiculous commitments I’ve made outside of work, the only pedicure these feet see is with a pumice stone in the shower!! I get up at 5 am to work out most days but it sicks! Maybe someday we will have me time and then we will wish we were back with our babies. Vicious cycle!! Hang in there!


  6. I get it and I’m not even working. I feel like it’s either getting up SUPER early or staying up late to have moments to myself!


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