Random Day, Random Thoughts

It’s a list kind of day:

  • I’m sick.  Because why not?  I think I had a few good months of being decently healthy, but that run is officially over and I am now living off neocitron.  Here’s to hoping this cold doesn’t get worse before it get’s better.
  • Little MPB is a runner, climber and jumper. Yesterday at a kids play place he climbed, and jumped into a ball pit.  I saw him fall, he hit is head on a padded edge.  He looked totally fine, but started to cry.  So, Mr. MPB swooped in to give him kisses and cure his injury.  After some kisses, he stopped crying, got up and limped his way to the next toy.  Apparently, he didn’t just bump his head, he also landed funny on his ankle.  He’s still limping, and if he’s still limping in a few days, we’ll head to the doctor for a real check-up.
  • Next weekend we are doing our first set of family photos since Little MPB was an infant and we got infant photos.  I’m dreading the photos because I much prefer to be behind the camera.  But hopefully we get at least one or two good ones.
  • Last week while I was out of town with work in the middle of no-where, my car had a problem.  The low-beams died.  Which wouldn’t have been a big deal, except the smoke from forest fires was so bad I kind of needed them.  Needless to say, I needed to get them fixed before I could come home.  Mr. MPB told me it’s super easy and that ‘anyone’ can change a fuse, assuming it was a fuse problem.  So, I put on my big girl pants, read my car’s user manual, opened the hood, opened the fuse box and changed the fuse.  Which promptly did nothing to fix the problem.  So, needless to say, I still had to find a mechanic and pay a mechanic to fix my lights.  I will admit, I’m slightly disappointed that my first attempt to fix my car myself, didn’t work and I had to rely on a mechanic to solve my problem.  But, oh well.
  • Doodle MPB is, well, Doodle MPB.  We are learning to live with her crazy and learning to accept that she is just crazy.  Her paw is healing nicely.  And we finally decided to get rid of her x-pen, which had an open top which allowed her to jump.  Now she’s in a fully caged, metal cage, and she’s so much less annoying now that she cannot jump constantly.  Like someone said, when she get’s excited it’s like her adrenaline loop is broken and she cannot settle back down.  Removing her ability to jump has made her more tolerable.  Thankfully.
  • I woke up early, and signed Little MPB up for swimming again.  I just realized this might be our last mom-tot swimming session as non-parented swimming starts at 3 here. I’m not sure I’m ready to sit on the sidelines during swimming class!!  So, I had better soak up every single moment of each of our remaining classes together!

What’s everyone else up to these days??

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3 Comments on “Random Day, Random Thoughts

  1. I love the idea of mom and tot swim class! I’ll have to look into that. My son just turned 2 and he loves the water. We’be got Grandpa visiting today, which is always fun.


  2. I’m feeling you on the sick thing. The weather started to get a bit of a chill in the air here and immediately our house was hit with a cold and cough. H is being a little trooper and pushing through it. But me…I currently wish I was in bed, head on the pillow and under my cozy blankets feeling sorry for myself. Time for the snotty, coughy season to start.


  3. I’m a little behind in my reading so hopefully you are feeling much better now. Nice work on attempting the car repair. Impressive!

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