My Perfect Breakdown


It’s a list kind of day: I’m sick.  Because why not?  I think I had a few good months of being decently healthy, but that run is officially over and I am now living off neocitron.  Here’s to hoping this cold doesn’t get worse before it get’s better. Little MPB is a runner, climber and jumper. Yesterday at a kids play place he climbed, and jumped into a ball pit.  I saw… Read More

Anyone who knows me in real life, or has followed My Perfect Breakdown for a little while, knows that I over commitment myself ALL THE TIME. Well, I did it again.  Or rather, I just did it to the MPB family on behalf of Little MPB. You see, registration for winter extra-curricular activities has come and gone.  And, due to our experience with gymnastics in the fall, I learned that a local recreation… Read More