My Perfect Breakdown


I’ve stared at a blank screen for well over an hour this morning. Okay, that’s not true. I should probably say, I opened this screen well over an hour ago.  Then immediately got up to make neocitron, because at this point with my current cold, I’m basically a cold medicine addict. Then, sat back down and stared at the screen again while drinking neocitron.  Then, Mr. MPB informed me Little MPB is… Read More

I think it’s pretty obvious we are very good at doing way too much with our limited spare time. Once again, this weekend has turned into another crazy weekend as we are going away.  It wasn’t really in our plans, but it sort of just made sense in the end. I have to work Saturday for a public meeting that I’m running (yuck, I never work on weekends) and it happens to be… Read More