Air Travel With An Infant

I thought flying with Baby MPB again would be a cake walk.  We’ve done it before.  He took three separate flights before he was 3 weeks old.  Seriously, we’re old pro’s.

Ya right!

Let me paint a picture:

I’m getting settled into my seat with Baby MPB attached to me in a baby carrier.  Mr. MPB is putting our diaper bag under the seat.  He pulls out a bottle of formula to get ready to feed Baby MPB during take off.

He opens a pre-made bottle of formula (pre-made because we’ve learned this is the easiest way to get through airport security with baby formula).  The bottle explodes ALL OVER another passenger who is walking down the aisle to her seat.  Yup, this innocent lady was now wearing almost an entire bottle of baby formal on her nice outfit.

I’m completely oblivious as Baby MPB has decided his carrier is the most even contraption ever and is going to scream as loud as humanly possible until I remove him from the its evil clenchs.

Meanwhile, Mr. MPB swears.  (Not at the innocent lady, but at the situation).  Mr. MPB apologizes profusely.  Before looking to see the situation I snap at Mr. MPB for swearing so loudly.

I finally clue into what happened.  Innocent lady looks PISSED!

The commotion seems to startle Baby MPB who had just settled since being removed from the most evil contraption ever.

Baby screaming commences once again.

Mr. MPB continues apologizing profusely.

Innocent lady notices the screaming baby.  Her expression fades and she calmly says don’t worry about, I have three of my own.


The remainder of the flight included a lot more baby tears, some snappy comments between Mr. MPB and myself, and more exploding formula! Not exactly how we planned to start our weekend away.

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33 Comments on “Air Travel With An Infant

  1. Oh, LORD. I’ve flown with Evelyn a few times and I’m telling ya – it sucked. My heart goes out to you. I hope your flight home is much easier and baby scream-free! (Or are you home already?).

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  2. Oh no!!! Ugh, this is timely for me as we are preparing for hubby to travel with baby E across state to attend his grandmother’s funeral while I stay back with M and continue to work. And we just bought some pre-mixed formula to make it easiest for him. WHAT THE HELL?! Lol, is it the cabin pressure that would cause this? Maybe we need to stick to the powder. That would completely piss him off and make it really difficult for the two of them.

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    • Okay, so this has me so worried about their trip together. Did you guys figure out how to prevent the exploding formula? I’m also hearing that unopened cans of powdered formula are known to explode.


      • Weve never had any formula explode before and weve flown a lot with baby. And they exploded while the plane was still loading so there is no way it had to do with pressure. I say bring pre-made formula and open it between your legs low to the ground. That way if it explodes it will just get on your pants and the ground. Thats what we did after the first explosion and only 1 more bottle exploded while flying. I think it must have just been the way they were packaged?
        Honestly because of airport security I’d rather bring the pre-packaged stuff then powder and water.


      • Buy a plus seat when you check in. $50 for 4 inches of extra space is the best spent money ever. We did this for our return flight and it made us a lot happier!


      • Oh, I hope that is available for them. We did purchase a seat for the baby, so he’ll be able to set her down in her car seat. It was a pretty full flight, so they’re all the way in the back, but at least they’re close to the attendants and the restrooms.

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      • The seat for baby will make a BIG difference. It wasnt so bad to hold baby when he was 3 weeks old, but he’s bigger now and it just wasn’t fun and made everything more difficult when there wasn’t space for me to do anything with him on my lap.


  3. Oh my!! I’m so sorry to hear about the chaos! Have you guys done a road trip yet? We are going to Memphis in July and are trying to decide if we should fly/drive. No direct flights but he drive would have to be broken up into 2 days (about 6 hours a day) and a hotel stay….any thoughts/tips on which we should do would be appreciated! I hope the return flight went more smoothly.

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    • We did a tonne of driving while in the usa (over 1000 miles), but baby was so little that he just sleep so i dont think its a good comparison. Since then the most weve done is drive 6 hours in one day. We did it in 3 hour stints that corresponded with naps and it worked well. That said, flying is quick and a few hour flight versus 2 days of driving, I’d choose the flight. All our other flights with baby have been fine.


  4. Oh no!!! While I love to fly, we don’t do it often at all (actually, hardly ever). I’m really hoping we won’t have to take any flights while miss thing is still very small!! I hope the rest of your weekend went much smoother than this, and the flight home was less eventful!!

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  5. Man, that is rough! I know I will never look at a screaming baby the same way again. After dealing with one, all I have is sympathy. Hopefully, coming back will be easier. Ugh… we take our first plane trip in two weeks.

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  6. Oh no! It sounds awful, but I can’t help but laugh out loud while reading this! I hope you guys can laugh about it soon. Oh dear, at least the woman was nice about it.

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  7. Wow! That’s quite a journey! Lucky for you guys that the formula lady was so nice about it. On the plus side at least your little guy won’t remember the trip in future… Though I’m sure you will remind him of it, haha!

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  8. On our most recent flight Eli opened his water bottle and it exploded all over. For us it was the pressure but it sounds like you hadn’t even gotten off the ground yet. Ugh.

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    • Ya they were still loading the plane so no pressure changes. It was so weird as i’ve never had a bottle explode before. I guess there is a first for everything!


  9. Agh! That sounds so chaotic. I am scared for these moments and not being in control in the slightest (but also so excited to get to come up to the plate and try motherhood). Everyone has stories like this and so hopefully you just have another one down that won’t be repeated! So sorry! Hope you can enjoy your trip!

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  10. Oh my goodness!!!! I’m so glad the lady was nice about it. Ugh. I’ve yet to travel with my 6 month old, and this didn’t help my irrational anxiety about it! Lol

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  11. Oh it’s a tough job for sure – I always offer to help out if there are babies/toddlers sat near me with stressed looking parents! It looks like a nightmare! I hope the return journey is easier for you!!

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