Another First: Camping

We just got home from our first camping trip with Baby MPB.

First, the bad:

  • It rained every day, except the morning we packed up to come home, then it was a beautiful sunshiny day.  (It was almost as though the weather gods were sitting in their castle laughing at us).
  • My allergies did not enjoy everything nature had to offer.  I was a giant ball of snot.
  • Lately Baby MPB seems to think his car seat is some sort of archaic torture devise, which means he screamed bloody murder most of the car ride there and back.
  • Baby MPB had an epic poopsplosion that went through layers of clothing.  We had no ability to do a proper bath, so sponge bath it was.

Now, the good:

  • We were surrounded by beautiful mountains and stunning scenery while camping right next to a breathtaking river.  There is no better place I can think to spend a long weekend, even in the rain.
  • Baby MPB was amazing.  He slept like a champ, just like he was sleeping in his own room at home.  He even napped like a good baby, which he rarely does at home.
  • Baby MPB forced us to slow down and enjoy just being.  There were no 20+km day hikes in the mountains which we are accustom to, but there was a mini-baby friendly hike and plenty of baby giggles.
  • Baby MPB put his little toes in a mountain river for the first time, and while clearly skeptical he seemed to enjoy it even though it was glacier fed, freezing cold water.


  • There was lots of Baby MPB and doggy love.  When Baby MPB went for a nap, the dog wanted to go with him.
  • There was wonderful late night fireside conversations between Mr. MPB and I, when the rain let up.
  • While exploring we stumbled upon breathtaking wildlife.


  • And most importantly, Baby MPB seemed to enjoy the mountains just as much as we do.

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25 Comments on “Another First: Camping

  1. OH my gosh, I’m so jealous! I can’t wait to take Charlotte camping. Do you guys tent camp? What were baby MPB’s sleeping arrangements like?

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    • We have a really small trailer that barely fits 2 people and the dog. So fitting baby in was challenge!
      And oh my gosh, the sleeping arrangements were so stressful for us! We aren’t co-sleepers so it was so hard to find a way to sleep in such close proximity. Not to mention the 90 lbs dog that was also with us and sharing the space! We ended up buying a kidco peapod it might just be one of my favourite baby/kid products ever because it is so small and so simple. I am already talking about selling our pack and play now that we have the peapod.


  2. Mad props to y’all for taking baby MPB camping!! So happy that he slept well too!! Luke is the same way about his car seat right now which made our trip to Memphis not fun! Beautiful pictures!!!


  3. Sorry it rained the whole time, but I’m happy that you had a good time anyway!! I feel like this always happens when B and I plan something as well. We’ve been rained out of soooo many vacations!! At least you were able to make the best of it and stick it out, and baby had fun as well! Hopefully next time you’ll have some better weather, and he’ll be able to enjoy it even more than he did this time!

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  4. That foot! He looks so big now. Have you switched to the convertible car seat? Wyatt was much better once we did. He still fusses at times when we put him in the car but it doesn’t last the entire trip.

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    • We switched to the convertible pretty early as I despised the bucket that we had. And Baby MPB seems to hate it these days, unless I sing the wheels on the bus over and over and over again. Makes for a lovely drive for all. 😊


  5. Yes yes yes!!! People think I’m crazy when I say we will still go camping with a baby!!! I totally get its not going to be comfortable, but look what you get in exchange…sheer natural beauty! Breathe taking – so pleased you did it! 😊

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  6. So fun!!! Did you go tent camping? It’s definitely something I want to do with Baby O but waiting for slightly cooler weather here. Maybe late summer/early fall.


  7. I’m jealous as Hell, this looks amazing! I’ll bet he loved being immersed in nature. If you think of it would you mind emailing me a picture of the little guy?

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