My Perfect Breakdown


It’s currently 2:34 am. We have just endured another Scream Fest.  Little MPB is miserable.  And the Adult MPB’s are exhausted. Fortunately for Little MPB and Mr. MPB it appears they have both fallen asleep.  But I am clearly not so fortunate as my insomnia has likely just kicked in and I’ll be up for a few more hours. Needless to say, the morning is going to come too quickly and we are all going… Read More

So, it seems that when it comes to motion and activity, Little MPB has always been on the advanced side of the normal milestones.  He started rolling over at 7.5 weeks and he hasn’t stopped moving since then.  Of course, since I can be incredibly competitive, I’ve always appreciated his efforts to do things early.  As if somehow his early rolling skills have something to do with Mr. MPB and I (sense… Read More