February is kicking my butt in a way that I am not used to.  In fact, at this point, I’m not even sure which way is up and I’m literally fearful of what is coming next.

You see, one day last week, went like this:

  • 9am – Epic potty miss. As in, my little toddler boy forgot to aim at the potty, and managed to absolutely soaked himself and me.  While at a public washroom.  I had a spare change of clothing for him, but not me.
  • 9:10am – My little toddler boy dropped a M&M on a very questionable floor.  He managed to pick it up and eat it before I was able to stop him.
  • 11am – My little toddler boy wasn’t watching where he was going while at the Ikea cafeteria.  I told him to watch where he was going, narrowly avoiding a railing.  Not even two seconds later, he walked into another railing that I didn’t notice either.  Epic blood was pouring from his eyelid. By the time Mr. MPB came back from getting napkins to stop the bleeding, I informed him we had to go get stitches.  So, off to the hospital we went, for our little toddler boy to get his first set of modern day stitches (i.e. glue).  He is definitely going to have a scar from our family lunch at Ikea and I guess now he has the right to always hate trips to Ikea.

Then, on another day, while picking Little MPB from daycare we were informed of a behavioural incident.  Little MPB doesn’t nap at daycare anymore, but all his friends do.  Needless to say, one this particular day Little MPB decided he wanted a friend to play with during naptime so he pulled a friend off their cot while sleeping, to wake them up.  Okay, as a parent, I get this isn’t good and we have talked to him about not waking up his friends when they are asleep.  But, daycare should probably also be watching the awake child a bit better.  And, I have to admit, I totally laughed out loud when I was told about the story.

And, on the day we expected our ill family member to be released from the hospital, we received some very confusing and really not good news.  Recovery is now delayed, and we may be facing a completely different medical situation then anyone previously thought. Basically turning an already bad situation even worse.

Also, we’ve been under an extreme cold warning for a few straight weeks with the weather being about -90768 all month.  So we’ve been stuck inside all month, which is never good for anyone’s mental health.  Now, as a Canadian I should be used to this, but honestly, I’ll never get used to this kind of cold.

Honestly, I just cannot handle much more.

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I feel like February has already chewed me up and spit me out, and it’s only February 7.

February 1 – Little MPB puked EVERYWHERE while at a restaurant.  This was a first for us.  The restaurant was great about it, and they packed up the adult meals and we went straight home to take care of our sick little boy.

February 2 – I had one of the worst migraines of my life.  Spent the day in bed.

February 3 – Another migraine.  Spent the day in bed.

February 4 – Yet another migraine.  But this time, it was manageable and I was able to function through the day.

February 5 – Nothing memorable happened.  I consider this a win.

February 6 – A trip to the doctor for the human child and a trip to the vet for the dog child.  Human child is okay, just a post pneumonia check-up.  But the dog, let’s just say just when we least expect it, Doodle MPB has thrown yet another crazy at us.  We got a $500 vet bill to tell us she has a suspected foreign object lodged in her nose.  So, we are hoping she sneezes it out on her own, but in the meantime she’s now on antibiotics and a steroid.  And unless she is able to sneeze/cough this thing out on her own over the weekend, she is going in for a nasal scope next week at an estimated cost $1000+.

Needless to say, at this point I am slightly fearful for what is coming next.

So ya, it’s February 7th and I’m waiving my white flag.  I’m basically giving up on February and just hoping March will be better…

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