I had no idea what constant temper tantrums looked like until this last weekend.  Honestly, I’m in awe of Little MPB’s ability to throw a temper tantrum.  They are full blown temper tantrum’s that just seemed to appear over night – he throws himself on the floor and screams inconsolably with crocodile tears running down his cheeks until we either give him what he wants or he we distract him with something else.

We seem to witness about 1400 temper tantrums a day, over everything:

  • Going into the high chair for lunch
  • Being taken out of the high chair to play
  • Coming inside
  • Not being able to find the book he wants
  • Not being able to find his favourite ball
  • Not being allowed to eat rocks
  • Not being able to make tickle me elmo laugh
  • Not getting to the park quickly enough
  • Leaving the park
  • Not letting him drink my chai tea latte
  • Giving him blackberries instead of raspberries
  • Not giving him a sharp knife to play with
  • Not letting him throw himself down the stairs
  • Not giving him milk quickly enough

Seriously, it feels like every single thing we do results in a temper tantrum.

I can honestly say these temper tantrums are my least favourite developmemtal stage so far mostly because I hate seeing him so upset.  Don’t get me wrong, I’m thankful to be able to experience every little thing, because I know how close I came to never having a child in my life.  I’m just saying these temper tantrums aren’t my favourite.

I just keep reminding myself that this is normal childhood development – he is now old enough to know what he wants and he is simply learning how to express himself and test boundaries.

But, I wont lie, I’m also really hoping that this isn’t going to turn into his go-to life long way of expressing himself.

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Well, it’s a good thing I don’t put much stock in Hallmark Holidays (i.e. mother’s day, father’s day and valentines day).  Because let me tell you, this weekend went nothing like we envisioned.

Thursday we discovered our crockpot was broken.  Our crock pot is used a least once a week, and some weeks it’s used twice a week. It allows us to make simple meals on busy days.  Thankfully, replacing a crockpot is rather simple, given that a new one is less then $100.  It was just a matter of going shopping.  But oddly, so far, I hate my new one and miss my old one.

Saturday, our dishwasher died.  It had been on deaths door for a few weeks – the repair man told us the motor was going and the cost of a new one wouldn’t be worth it.  He also said we’d probably have about 6 months before it fully died.  Well, it’ didn’t last 6 months.  And, on Saturday we begrudgingly became the proud new owners of a new dishwasher, which thankfully was last years model and on a blowout sale.  But, still, my little life lesson is that dishwashers aren’t cheap!!  $1500 gone and an entire day wasted on an install gone horribly wrong.  I felt terrible for Mr. MPB as he had to spend the day trying to sort out water and electrical problems, while I spent the day playing with Little MPB.  Thankfully, by 10pm the dishwasher was finally working and at least I don’t have to find time to start hand washing dishes every day.  Thank god for modern conveniences.

And Sunday, our microwave died.  Mr. MPB and I have a history with microwaves (in our life together we’ve had 5 microwaves, apparently we are very good at ruining them) so we probably shouldn’t be surprised that we randomly lost another microwave.  But this one was fine yesterday and now it’s not, so we were rather surprised that it stopped working.  So, we are hoping to put off buying a new microwave for a few weeks as our VISA cards need a break. I’m curious, how long will we last without this daily convenience?

They say things happen in threes.  So, I really hope this means we are done with broken appliances!

But, there were good things about our weekend too, thankfully.

  • Little MPB is feeling better and went back to daycare on Friday.
  • When I picked up Little MPB from daycare on Friday, he gave met he most wonderful gift.  #DaycareForTheWin
  • We did manage to go for a wonderful family walk on Sunday and a play at a nearby playground.  It was a surprisingly relaxing day.
  • Mr. MPB made me the most delicious raspberry chocolate mousse.

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