I just realized I never posted the finished toddler room furniture. We painted them and even took the “after” photos months ago. Apparently I just completely forgot to share them here. Ops!

The dresser was Mr. MPB’s when he was a kid. The bookshelf was mine when I was little. The nightstand we got at Ikea a number of years ago.

Here are the before photos:

We chose a light blue color, because I love blue and we figured it would match the light yellow/green walls in his room. We did not use chalk paint, which was the original plan. Instead we used a much cheaper furniture paint and hoped for the best. Which has lasted just fine, so far. We also picked up new matching stainless steel hardware at Home Depot, to give a more updated look. All in, I think we spent less then $100 on supplies. Here are the after photos:

I have no idea if the paint will last for years to come, but since there is no signs of wear after a few months of use, I am hopeful that these will last until he’s 11 or 12 and baby-blue furniture is no longer his thing.

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Things have been so crazy the last week, that I forgot to mention another bit of crazy going on in our lives.

Last week, a family member started living with us for the next 2 months!

She is here for a mandatory work term as part of their university degree.  She lives way too far away to commute everyday and finding such short term accommodations would be rather challenging.  And as a student, paying for an extra apartment really isn’t an ideal option, assuming they could have found one.  So, it only made sense for her to move in with us.

And of course, we would never say no, because we have the space and it’s the least we can do for a sibling who is just starting out in life.

So, this all means right now, we are all finding our groove and learning to live together.

I’m confident it will go well, because let’s be honest, 8 weeks isn’t long enough for things to go horrible and worst case scenario we’ll all just fake nice.  But, honestly, I don’t think that will happen.  I’m hoping once she’s comfortable she’ll feel more at home. I’m hoping having an extra set of hands will make the even rush a bit easier as we try to make dinner, get normal household stuff done and pay attention to Little MPB.  I’m also hoping that she’ll help out with walking Doodle MPB a few times a week.  And, I’m really hoping that this means we have a free babysitter at least a few times over the summer!

And more importantly then anything else, Little MPB loves her.  He is absolutely loving the extra playmate.  And, she’s absolutely fantastic with kids, and seems to love playing with Little MPB too.  I don’t think he’s realized this visit isn’t a weekend visit, but that it’s a 2 month thing.  I honestly suspect the biggest problem with this visit will be explaining to him in 2 months time that she’s leaving.  I think he’ll be just heart broken.  I truly hope that these next few weeks will provide them with a special bond that will last a lifetime.

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