The Straw That Broke The Camel’s Back

I think there is an old saying that goes something like “the straw that broke the camel’s back.”  And I think I finally hit that point with Doodle MPB.  And yet, even though I’m frustrated to tears, I’m still not willing to give up on her.  Probably in part because what’s put me over the edge, truly isn’t her fault.  But also, there is just something in me that refuses to give up on her.

So what was the straw that brought me to tears?

That minor paw problem, turned out to be a bit more then just a broken nail.  Somehow she lacerated off the nail and part of the cartilage in that toe.  Knowing how bad the injury was the vet informed me that Doodle MPB should have been in so much pain that she couldn’t walk.  But not Doodle MPB, she came into the clinic walking, bouncing around and jumping all over everything.  (Which actually gets to my point that something’s just not wired normally in her brain).

Since her surgery last week she has worn a cone every single moment of the day, except for meal times.  Even with the cone on, she managed to get her post-surgery bandage off in less then 24 hours, but since we kept her from licking the wound with the cone, we were told it should heal up over the weekend.  Well, it didn’t work that way.  She’s a high energy dog on crate rest, which has not been going well – instead of lying down she spends her time try to climb out of her x-pen and jump on everything.  So every day she’s has fresh blood on her toe.

Needless to say, we’ve been so worried about her hurting herself, that I’ve been sleeping on the couch so that I can hear her if she manages to get tangled up on her cone during the night.

But more concerning then my poor sleep is the daily fresh blood, so first thing Monday morning we went back to the vet. And, lo and behold, her paw is not healing well enough.  So, she now has a new bandage and she’s will be sedated at home for the next 3 days to force her to calm down.  We shall see what happens.

You’d probably think I’d be upset about the amount of money we’ve spent as a direct result of Doodle MPB that has finally upset me.  But it’s actually not the fact that we are about $10,000 into this dog that has me so upset (puppy cost – $1400, puppy vaccination vet bills – $800, spay vet bill – $600, training – $3000, flooring replacement – $4000, puppy lacerated foot – $500 and counting).

It’s that it’s never ending with her.  Every single day of the last 5 months with her has felt like work, when I just don’t have the extra daily energy required for it – I do 90% of her walks, I do nearly all of her training sessions, I take her for grooming appointments, I take her to 90% of her vet appointments (which are way more frequent then they should be).  And now Doodle MPB cannot go on our upcoming camping weekend with extended family.  So, after calling all our possible doggy sitters, we’ve decided I wont be going on our next family camping trip as someone has to stay home with Doodle MPB.  Which means no weekend in the mountains for me, and that just makes me sad.  (To be fair, it’s Mr. MPB’s family, so obviously he’s going and not me.  And, we don’t want to cancel as this yearly camping trip is the only time Little MPB’s grandparents make an effort to see him and we don’t want to discourage the visit.  AIso, I really don’t think Mr. MPB is going to have the greatest weekend as he is going to be solely responsible for keeping the toddler alive in the mountains for 3 solid days).

As I complain about the puppy that has finally brought me to tears, I cannot help but laugh that it’s taken medical sedation to make her be peaceful and calm for more then 10 consecutive minutes.  And so, as I watch my sedated puppy sleep peacefully for the first time in her life, I cannot help but wonder, what’s she going to do when she wakes up?  Because I know this isn’t going to last forever.

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25 Comments on “The Straw That Broke The Camel’s Back

  1. Not to be weird, but could she have a chemical imbalance where she can’t feel pain? Because she’s so high-strung, it’s almost like her adrenaline is on all the time.. I don’t know, just a thought?? As a side note, her cone design is awesome 😂😂 our dog has to wear a cone all the time when she’s crated because she has anxiety that she will chew her paw raw, or lick herself obsessively 😣

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    • I am really wondering if she has something chemically imblanaced because it is like her adrenaline is always on! We go back to our vet on Thursday so I’m going to chat with her a lot more about that possibility. This foot injury has made it clear to me that her crazy behaviour is absolutly not normal.


  2. Is it bad that my stomach hurts just by looking at those numbers?

    I know a dog is worth the cost, but that is a lot in a short time!

    I hope the natural remedies from the vet can help out with calming her down!


    • I know!!!! It’s so outrageous that now with every bill I just work out how much additional work we have to do to pay for it (maybe that the benefit of being a consultant that’s paid hourly?). And I should say, we still haven’t replaced the carpet, we will, but not until her bills and crazy stop being so insane.
      I joke that she has to live for at least 10 years to pay off her costs…

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  3. You know how I feel about dogs. You know I work with rescue and we used to foster. That said, this dog is absolutely not right for your family. Dogs are work, yes, but dogs should not cause this level of distress—particularly when you have a small human to care for. Keep talking to the vet, but you don’t have to do this. It’s ok to say you can’t do it anymore. Your human family is more important—this puppy should enhance your family, not take away from it. ❤️❤️❤️


    • I know if I give up on her, I’ll never get another dog in my life. And the thought of not having a dog in my life makes me so sad so I’m just not willing to do it. I honestly don’t know how I’d forgive myself for giving up on her.
      And honestly with this foot injury I think I’ve realized just how not normal she is and I actually feel rather validated in saying she’s been crazy from day 1. She really does need someone who will make the effort and work with her. And if I give up on her, I really don’t know who else will be dedicated enough to put up with her? And how do I even get rid of her, I don’t think putting up an ad for a crazy dog that required constant attention is going to help me find her a new family. Gosh just the thought of trying to rehome her makes me cringe at how much work it would be. I dunno what it’ll take for me to say enough is enough, but I just know I’m not there yet.
      And if anything now with her foot injury I feel even more responsible for her because I don’t think any of this has been within her control.

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      • I support you 10000% no matter what you do! I hope my comment didn’t seem judge—I soooooo don’t mean it that way. I just want you to catch a break. ❤️

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      • Could you not speak with her breeder about rehoming her? You never know…there could well be someone out there who is passionate about the breed, has time on their hands and would welcome the challenge of your crazy pup. There is no shame in doing right by your family by finding her an owner who is a better fit for her. Why would that mean you’d never get another dog? That seems very harsh on yourself!


  4. I just found out yesterday that you can give your dog melatonin. It’s supposed to help them rest and sleep at night but also helps anxiety. I’m going to try it on Rocky because I hate knowing he’s having anxiety constantly with no relief.

    I have to agree with the commenter who said that you don’t have to stick this out. If you aren’t enjoying this dog and she isn’t a fit for your family, you don’t have to keep going with her. I know that sounds harsh but it isn’t like you haven’t tried. I know it’s hard though. DH has hit his limit with Rocky’s issues but every time I look at him puppy face, I can’t let him go. I have to try something else. Granted, I don’t think Rocky is quite as bad as Doodle with his issues but he does make himself bleed if we crate him and he does bark incessantly if he’s not right with us. But thankfully he is calm if he’s with us and will sleep on the floor while the kids play near him, so in that area, he’s easier to deal with.


    • Ya, the herbal supplements we are trying have the equivalent of melatonin in them.
      But, I am no longer optimistic the herbal supplements will work as she’s currently medically sedated and after 2 hours of sleeping she’s been her normal crazyself. And when I left the house for 20 minutes she managed to get her cone off and eat her bandage. So basic medicine doesn’t even do anything to her. So, back to the vet we go today. I’m beyond frustrated at the moment.
      Honestly, we’ve talked a lot about not sticking this out. But I do think we will basically be signing her death certificate if we don’t. There is no way I can re-home her – no one would take her if I’m honest about her personality. If I drop her off a shelter she’ll probably be adopted right away because she’s cute, but then they’ll get rid of her when her crazy shines through and I’ll just destine her to a life of neglect and abandonment, and I just cannot do that to her.
      I don’t know, I’m just at a complete loss right now. No options seem like good options.


      • I didn’t realize I never replied to this! Sorry…

        I am very supportive of whatever you guys do and I’m extremely impressed by how patient you have been. You guys are good people. 🙂


  5. My dog is recovering from a TTA surgery, she’s pretty high energy, used to being active, but it’s older than your pup, after talking to the vet we decided to put her on an antianxiety medication while she’s early in recovery. It seems to help somewhat. We’re excited for her sutures to come out Saturday and for her to not have to wear that annoying cone.


    • what type of anianxiety medication did you put her on?
      Clearly what our’s is on right now is not working…She’s supposed to basically sleep the day away. Instead, as soon as I left the house for 20 minutes she tore her cone off and chewed through her bandage. So, now we are trying to get back into our vet for a re-bandage and new medications that might actually sedate her for more then an hour or two.


  6. Oh my. So sorry to hear about this! I know how much you wanted another dog after your last one passed, and I feel sad for you all that she isn’t turning out to be the kind of furry family member you’d hoped to bring into your lives.

    Our last dog — who died in July at approx age 14 — was a rescued golden retriever who cost us probably $15K over and above expected, normal care and feeding in the nine years we had him, so I feel for you on the money spent.


  7. MPB … This is why I get frustrated with most dog breeders. As a long-time dog rescue person, it makes me crazy that people will charge a small fortune for balls of fluff that they then sell to whoever can afford them, usually with minimal support and no thought at all about whether or not the dog is a good fit for that particular family. Why on earth would someone with your level of work commitments and a small child want a super-high-energy dog? That doesn’t sound like fun for you, and poor puppy … if she’s this whacky now, I hate to imagine what she’ll be like as an adolescent!

    Anyway… I’m not going to offer a bunch of advice here, but I may be able to help with the behavior stuff. (That said, this simply may not be the right dog for you! In which case, maybe the best thing you can do – for her, as well as for you – would be to find the RIGHT home – and I can help with that as well.) 509-521-6227. Let’s chat, if you want to.

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    • I loathe breeders. Let’s take two notoriously high strung and neurotic breeds and make an insane mutt when shelters are full of awesome dogs that will be put to sleep. They should be slapped into next week, pulled back to this week, and slapped back. Glad you might be able to help. 🙂

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      • I’ve known some breeders who genuinely love their chosen breed and work hard to produce dogs that actually improve the breed – even running counter to the insane edicts passed down by the AKC and other kennel clubs to do so. They research bloodlines, do the appropriate tests on puppies, carefully check out adopters before letting them take a dog, and will take back any dog they bred for the rest of its life, plus their breeding dogs have good care – exercise, attention, quality food, etc – and their puppies are well socialized. I have no argument with those. But doodle-makers don’t fall into this group, and nor do the depressingly many backyard and commercial breeders simply looking to make a quick buck and never mind the consequences.

        And all that said, YES! Please let’s give shelter dogs a chance! Most of them are dented, but only a few are actually broken – and most can be fixed with patience, time and a bit of help from someone who has a clue!


  8. Also, as regards that toe …. please ask the vet if the nail is expected to heal normally. I had a pup whose nail got damaged in a similar way, and although the injury healed the nail thereafter grew in a sharp curve and kept embedding it into her paw, and its shape was such that keeping it trimmed without hurting her became increasingly difficult. In the end we simply amputated the toe, which is not as terrible as it sounds and gave her a LOT less trouble.


  9. I’m so sorry you’re still experiencing such difficulties with doodle MPB. I wish I had some sort of suggestion but I am clueless about dog behavior. I hope things straighten themselves out soon.


  10. Funny, or not so funny I guess, but I was just thinking last night that our chocolate lab often feels like a third child I have to care for. Especially with my husband out of town for work so often. It’s one more thing I have to feed, let outside to pee… Okay, well, not that I let my children outside to pee, but… maybe that would actually make things easier! Sorry, I’ll get back to drinking more coffee now 🙂 Pets are so much work, and I love ours dearly and can’t think of parting with her, but gosh, probably not getting another any time soon!


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