Puppy Boot Camp Extension

Since today marks 2 weeks since Doodle MPB went to a 2 week Puppy Boot Camp, I think today marks a great day to discuss Doodle MPB.

We’ve been having more and more visits in the last week to start the transition process of bringing her back home.  Which means training Mr. MPB and I on all the things she’s been learning. With this visits we’ve been able to see that she very clearly now understands a lot of great commands – off, down, touch, her name, etc.  But she’s very much a work in progress, which makes sense as she is only 4 months old.  Being a work in progress is means that:

  1. She is still nipping, but barely at all.  The touch cue has been great for her to learn to approach people with her nose and not her teeth.
  2. She is still jumping, but she’s not jumping at us.  Rather she’s jumping next to us and you can see her trying not to jump at all.
  3. She is still barking, but it is limited to when she is overly excited or someone new is approaching and she doesn’t trust them yet.  The level of barking is much more aligned with normal dog barking, not the kind of consistency and volume that will drive us crazy.
  4. She is still having a few pee accidents, but not nearly as many.  They seem to happen when someone stands over her (e.g. to put on a leash), so we are learning to give her a bit more space and approach her in different ways, whenever possible.

Of course, when she visits us, she is clearly excited and she tends to do the first 3 things more then she does at any other time.  So, we are still very concerned that if we bring her home we are going to see the crazy devil dog behaviors return.

And so, while she was supposed to come home today, we decided not to bring her home.

At least note yet.

Instead, Doodle MPB is staying at Puppy Boot Camp for 1 more week.  During this 3rd week we will have basically daily visits.  Which means more practice with what excites her the most – the MPB family.  So hopefully she can continue to use her new skills with us.  And, hopefully we can build our confidence for working with her.

But, what I know for-sure is at the end of this 3rd week, she is coming home as we cannot afford to continue to board and train her until she is a 2 year old, nor do we want to.  But, the training is not going to stop instantly instead once she’s back home, she will still have twice weekly training sessions (eventually dropping to one weekly training session and then to no training sessions at all).

After our family training session at a local park last night, I’m cautiously optimistic.  Maybe even hopeful.  Little MPB played with a mostly polite Doodle MPB without any tears and lots of smiles.  In fact, Doodle MPB returned to the adults when called over distractions. And even more importantly, Doodle MPB simply licked Little MPB, and never bite or jumped on him.

But, I cannot lie.  Even though I firmly believe we are doing everything in our power to make this right for Doodle MPB and for our family, I’m petrified she will revert to her old habits.

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One Comment on “Puppy Boot Camp Extension

  1. I hear you on this. Our dog starts her one month “refining school” today and I’m so nervous it’s not going to work and she will revert back once she’s home. All I can say is that if you stay optimistic and committed, then there’s no way puppy MPB can revert back. Dogs are all about routine, and if you keep doing what she’s been doing with the trainer, she will love it. Dogs are also about keeping their humans happy when they know what they are capable of. And he is a super smart breed so I have hope for you that he will be ok! Of course he’s still a puppy and will have his moments. But he can be brought back into alignment quick enough!


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