I feel like February has already chewed me up and spit me out, and it’s only February 7.

February 1 – Little MPB puked EVERYWHERE while at a restaurant.  This was a first for us.  The restaurant was great about it, and they packed up the adult meals and we went straight home to take care of our sick little boy.

February 2 – I had one of the worst migraines of my life.  Spent the day in bed.

February 3 – Another migraine.  Spent the day in bed.

February 4 – Yet another migraine.  But this time, it was manageable and I was able to function through the day.

February 5 – Nothing memorable happened.  I consider this a win.

February 6 – A trip to the doctor for the human child and a trip to the vet for the dog child.  Human child is okay, just a post pneumonia check-up.  But the dog, let’s just say just when we least expect it, Doodle MPB has thrown yet another crazy at us.  We got a $500 vet bill to tell us she has a suspected foreign object lodged in her nose.  So, we are hoping she sneezes it out on her own, but in the meantime she’s now on antibiotics and a steroid.  And unless she is able to sneeze/cough this thing out on her own over the weekend, she is going in for a nasal scope next week at an estimated cost $1000+.

Needless to say, at this point I am slightly fearful for what is coming next.

So ya, it’s February 7th and I’m waiving my white flag.  I’m basically giving up on February and just hoping March will be better…

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Little MPB has been pee potty trained for a while now.  We can go days without a pee accident.  Keys to his potty training success have been simple:

  • We absolutely cannot tell him or suggest to him that he needs to pee.  If we suggest it, he will not go, under any circumstance.  Rather, he tells us. 
  • He prefers to pee on his own – he wants his privacy, and honestly he doesn’t need our help, so why not? (Assuming we are not in a public washroom, in which case, he has to go with either Mr. MPB or I, not matter how much he protests because we believe in being safe).
  • If he asks “where is the bathroom?” in a public place, this is his way of telling us he needs to pee.
  • Standing is best, because that’s how big boys do it.

But, poop is a whole different story.  Half-way through our Hawaii trip, he was 70-80% poop potty trained.  We had lots of time to work with him and no real pressure.  He never liked it, but it was working.  But then, Mr. MPB left, and so did poops in the potty.  He completely, 100% regressed.  To the point of withholding and making himself constipated.  And now adamantly refuses to sit on the potty.  While him and I were in Hawaii, I decided not to stress over it and deal with it when we got home.  But it hasn’t been that easy.  But here’s what happening now:

  • We gave him a gentle laxatives last week to help make it remove constipation from his life, as per doctors orders.  We are also adding flax to anything we can (i.e. pancakes, yogurt, etc.)Pooping is now easier for him, but he still will not sit on the potty to poop. 
  • We are getting his life back to normal to the absolute best of our abilities.  Remove the stress, and make sure he knows both his parents are here with him.
  • He told us he’s scared to poop in the potty.  But, he wont tell us what scares him.  So, we created a poop monster spray to use before poops (i.e. Febreze wrapped in a no monster drawing we made as a family).  But, so far this hasn’t worked.
  • Unless he poops in the potty, he gets absolutely no TV/Tablet and no ice skating.  These are his favourite things in the world, so we hope they will motive him.  Truthfully, these ‘motivator/threats’ have not worked, much to our surprise.  And at this point I’m regretting the skating decision because the weather is so nice right now that it would be great to be outside skating in the evenings.
  • We are not forcing him to use the potty.  We’ve presented him with options, and he can make the choice.
  • We are being stern and matter-of-fact about poops in the potty, but we are not getting mad at him when he doesn’t.  Truthfully, this is unbelievably hard for Mr. MPB and I – we know Little MPB knows what he’s doing at this point, so not loosing our cool is not an easy task.
  • Daycare wants to put him back in a diaper.  We have said absolutely not.  We think he’ll work through this in a few weeks and we don’t want to go back to a diaper.  Its now a daily lecture from his teacher, and it’s pissing me off.  They advertise as a daycare that works with children and families for potty training, and we pay them for this, so I think they can just deal with it for a few weeks.

So, here’s my question, has anyone else had this happen?  What do we do about this regression?  Any advice is welcome advice at this point – okay, not any advice since this is the internet after-all, but almost any advice is welcomed)

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