My Perfect Breakdown


I usually love February, for me it signalizes the very early start of spring as the days start to get a little bit longer, which always makes me happy. But, clearly 2019, February included, has not bee ideal. Honestly, my anxiety and stress levels are generally high every single day. But, I also realize how important it is not to lose site of life and be brought down by the ongoing negative… Read More

In my part of the world they say to get a pap smear every three years if you are a women without symptoms of cervical cancer from age 25-69 who are, or have been, sexually active (source). So today was my date with my family doctor and a speculum. Was I thrilled?  Nope. Was I terrified, like I was getting my IUD inserted or that ultrasound a few months ago?  Nope.  I… Read More