My Perfect Breakdown


I don’t seem to have the energy to put together coherent sentences right now (thanks to Snuza for giving a false alarm at 3am and Baby MPB for then waking up at the unusually early hour of 4:30am).  So, today I’m going to share a completely random list of things floating around in my mind: Dinner parties no longer seem to exist in our lives.  Now, we do lunches.  And lunches are… Read More

I love to write.  I always seem to have something to say, and words generally comes easily for me. . I write almost all the time. I write on my blog. I write comment on other people’s blog. . I also write for work. I write reports.  I write a lot of reports. I write letters, memo’s, meeting agendas, public communication notices, meeting minutes, emails and even sticky-notes. And when I’m not… Read More