My Perfect Breakdown


International Women’s Day. What a fitting day to sit down and share. I am a woman.  I am a fiercely independent woman.  I am a strong woman.  I fight for what’s right, and I stand up for what’s not. Yet, here I am, just this week re-digesting the news that a male dominated medical profession f* me over years ago.  I am re-analyzing, re-reading, and re-researching.  It’s all coming back to me. … Read More

On Mr. MPB’s birthday we woke up much too early to my ringing cell phone. We had great plans for his birthday which consisted of not dwelling on our losses and sleeping in. So, when the phone started ringing and we didn’t know the number we just hung up the phone. The person was clearly determined to speak with us as they called back moments later so we decided it probably wasn’t… Read More