My Perfect Breakdown


Someone asked me a very interesting question when I mentioned the possibility of my gastrointestinal specialist finding the immunological cause for our losses.  They asked: You don’t have to answer this if you’re not comfortable…but if they DO find something that is related to your IF, and figure out how to “fix” it, do you think you will try growing your family?    Honestly, I had not even gone that far in… Read More

I had my top to tail procedures on Friday.  The prep was miserable – the procedure wasn’t that much fun either.  But, meeting with the gastroenterologist was worth it. As I was prepped to be knocked out, I had the chan e to speak with the Gastroenterologist.  We went over my entire case history.  This most recent episode – foods I can eat, foods that bother me, exactly what happened and when,… Read More