An Unconventional Love Letter

The day I met you, I knew I wanted to spend my entire life with you. I got lucky, you returned the sentiment.

We built our lives together. We intertwined ourselves into one complete heart. We transitioned from university to university, city to city, house to house. We overcame lives challenges together. We learned to soar together, as one.

It took you 9 years to propose, but when you did, I said yes. A few months later, we proclaimed our love in front of our closest family and friends on a cold evening, in an outdoor ceremony in the Rocky Mountains. We compromised a lot of our wedding to satisfy family, yet the details were just so us – the wedding cake topper, the location, the intimate venue, the borrowed winter boots. For a girl who never dreamed about her wedding, it really was the perfect day.

When we said our vows, we swore to love each other for better or for worse, for richer, for poorer, in sickness and in health. Little did we know, that we would be tested sooner and in a more twisted way then we ever could have imagined. Our love created 5 precious lives. We loved each one, together we thought and hoped that our love would help them live so we could provide them with everything they deserved and more. Together we learned that love alone was not enough. Yet, through all the heartache and grief, we have chosen to continue to love each other. We have chosen to climb this mountain together, and overcome the challenge together. We have chosen to continue to persevere together, because we chose each other each and every single day.

Today, we have grown more together then either of us ever imagined. We are here today, because we love each other. Together we survived the death of our babies, because we chose to commit to each other, and help each other through our darkest times. We chose to focus on our love. We chose to focus on our future together. We chose to overcome together.

And today, I know without a doubt that,

I survived losing each of our babies because you held my hand along the way.

I survived because you held me as I cried.

I survived because you literally encouraged me to.

I survived because you found ways to make me laugh at times when I thought laughter was forever gone.

I survived because you held my hand and waited at my side through everything.

I survived because you showed me the light when the world appeared dark.

I survived for you.

I survived because of you.

I know today that if we can survive all of this, we can survive anything. We have learned the hard way that the deepest of love cannot literally sustain life. But we have also learned and proved that so long as we continue to choose to love each other, and choose to have the hard conversations together, our love will overcome the hurdles.

Today I know that my heart beats every day because of you. My heart beats every day for you.

My soul sings every day because of you. My soul sing every day for you.

You are my love, you are my life.

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36 Comments on “An Unconventional Love Letter

  1. This was so beautiful. My eyes are all welled up with tears now. I find this post so timely as I thought many similar things last night as I wrote my latest post about love. ❀


  2. This is so beautiful!! Happy Anniversary πŸ™‚ Love is such a powerful thing. Thanks for sharing your love for him with us, beautiful! XOX


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