My Perfect Breakdown


This werk I have realized that time doesn’t stand still.  I think back to this day 20 years ago, and it sure felt like time stopped.  My entire family except me had left for a social event.  I was sitting at home talking on the phone with a friend.  Someone rang the door bell, my mom’s best friend.  All she said was there’s been an accident.  In that moment, I swear time stopped.  I… Read More

We have officially been married for 6 years.  Which makes us a couple for 15 years. Which makes me sit back and go wow, what a ride it’s been!!  University degree 1.  Move to a new city.  University degree 2.  House purchase 1.  Dog adoption.  Wedding.  Southeast Asia honeymoon.  House purchase 2.  House sale 1.  New York City trip to celebrate the start of our family (oh how naive we were).  Miscarriage… Read More